Starting from the Ground Up: The ShareFit Beginners Running Guide
August 12, 2020

Sharefit Beginners Running Guide

Are you in search of a beginners running guide that is all-inclusive and designed to help you reach your goals? We’ve got it for you right here. Continue reading to learn about how you can use running to lead a more active, and healthier, lifestyle that will help undo the damage that can come from crazy schedules, long commutes, and extended periods of sitting.

Beginners Running Guide: Some Tips to Help You Start Your Journey

Set a Goal, and Stick with It

Running is a great way to exercise without needing a gym, but if you’re out of shape, or you’re new to running, don’t feel intimidated. If you can walk, you’ll be able to run, unless your doctor has advised against this for any reason.

Unfortunately, a lot of people want to start running, but they feel intimidated, or they might feel overwhelmed by what’s ahead, and that might end up discouraging them from moving forward. Here’s the thing: although it might seem unattainable to be able to run long distances, with persistence and gentleness, you can go far! You’ll be able to get in shape before you know it, and the time and effort you put into this process will be more than worthwhile.

Get What You Need to Get Started

To start running, you don’t need a lot. Just find a flat track, such as a park trail or a treadmill, and put on a high-quality pair of socks and sneakers. Wear comfortable clothing that allows your body to move without restriction, and that doesn’t trap heat, and then you’re ready to go. Sure, you can wear a fitness tracker, too, if you want, but that’s not necessarily. You can keep things really simple.

Use Our Beginners Running Guide to Become a Runner in a Month!

Our plan is designed to help you go from walking to running in a month. Plus, the goal is to be able to run for 10 minutes, non-stop, when you follow our plan closely, stay motivated, remain consistent, and stay positive along the way. Remember, it all starts in your mind: if you are positive, you will go farther than you would if you were in a negative state of mind.

Sure, 10 minutes of non-stop running might not sound like a lot at first, and if you are brand new to running, this goal is definitely a big one. How can you get to this goal? Well, by using intervals, you will be able to shift between running and walking. Then, over time, you will be able to go longer stretches of time while running.

So Many Benefits to Derive from Our Beginners Running Guide!

Did you know that two in three Americans are overweight or obese? Exercise is a weight loss tool that should be used, in combination with eating right, if you want to slim down. And, according to Runner’s World, you can use running to slim down.

Sure, exercise is critical, but if you don’t also modify your diet, you won’t be able to lose weight as efficiently. That’s why our strategy also includes a nutrition component that is optional. But, whether or not you’re hoping to slim down, you can use this guide to enhance your workout routine.

Ready to get started? Great! Check out our weekly plan:

ShareFit Beginners Running Guide: Running Success Tips
ShareFit Beginners Running Guide Week 1
ShareFit Beginners Running Guide Week 2
ShareFit Beginners Running Guide Week 3
ShareFit Beginners Running Guide Week 4
ShareFit Beginners Running Guide Week 6

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