What Are the Benefits of an Alcohol Cleanse?
July 27, 2020

Benefits of an Alcohol Cleanse

Do you think you drink a little too much alcohol? If you don’t, consider that it all adds up when you enjoy an alcoholic beverage at happy hour, on the weekend, and perhaps even at the end of the night during the workweek.

You Should Aim to Drink Just a Moderate Amount of Alcohol

Keep in mind that The National Institutes of Health consider moderate drinking as having up to two drinks daily for men and just one drink daily for women. Also, standard servings are 1.5 ounces of hard alcohol, 5 ounces of wine, and 12 ounces of beer. Many people go over this amount, even though they might not realize it at first, especially if they’re drinking from an oversized glass.

Side note: Women tend to prefer wine, while men tend to prefer drinking beer. Also, women tend to accidentally drink too much more often than men.

Should You Try an Alcohol Cleanse? 

Have you heard of an alcohol cleanse? It is definitely something that you can consider doing if you want to undo some of the damage that comes with drinking too much alcohol. But, in addition to knowing how to go about doing it, it’s also important to be aware of the benefits of an alcohol cleanse before getting started. Check out the information below to learn more.

What Is an Alcohol Cleanse? 

Put simply, an alcohol cleanse allows you to take some time off from drinking alcohol. It can be for a short span of time, or it could be a method to reduce your alcohol intake on a day-to-day basis.

If you drink alcohol regularly, it is worth trying this technique to experience the benefits of an alcohol cleanse firsthand. Once you recognize how different, and better, you feel when you are no longer drinking all of that alcohol, you might not want to go back to your old ways. 

What Are the Benefits of an Alcohol Cleanse? 

The benefits of an alcohol cleanse include the following:

You can lose weight

Here’s the thing to consider, especially if you are trying to lose weight: there are a lot of calories in alcohol. So, you might work hard to achieve a faster metabolism, and you might be doing everything right when it comes to what foods you eat, but if you are drinking a good amount of alcohol, you are undoing a lot of the good things that you accomplish through diet and exercise.

Let’s get more specific, shall we? For every gram of alcohol, there are about 7 calories. Also, a standard drink will have anywhere from 100 to 150 calories. However, if you’re over-pouring, you’re going to be getting more calories than that.

Here’s where the benefits of an alcohol cleanse can come in handy: if you remove even just one drink per day, and you don’t replace those calories with other beverages or foods, you might be able to lose around 9.6 pounds in a year. Wow!

You can build muscle 

Another one of the benefits of an alcohol cleanse is the fact that you might be able increase your muscle growth. According to Verywell Fit, drinking alcohol might set you back when it comes to reaching your goals for muscular growth. Who knew?!

The solution is surprisingly simple: avoid drinking alcohol after you’ve exercised, as doing so might reduce your body’s ability to repair and grow muscle. It’s that easy!

We hope this information has shed some light on the perks of trying an alcohol cleanse. If you want to give it a try, there’s no better time than right now!

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