Best Nutrition Experts for Vegans to Follow on Instagram
March 6, 2018

best nutrition experts for vegans instagram to followSo, you’ve heard all about the benefits of going on a vegan diet and want to ensure you do this thing right. Begin by following the best nutrition experts for vegans on Instagram. With the right tips and guidance from professionals like the best nutrition experts for vegans below, you could take a lot of the mystery out of going vegan. And remember that, just because you’re cutting out animal products doesn’t mean that you don’t have options. Instead, what you will find is that you have a lot more food choices than you thought, and animal products make up a small portion of those choices.

  1. Julieanna Hever – @julieannahever

Julieanna Hever is a popular plant-based dietician who is chock full of helpful information on how to maintain your health while you are following a vegan diet. She has written books and she even hosted her own TV show, so she is comfortable with giving people advice, and she’s willing to help people switch to a vegan diet. She also wants people to focus their attention on eating a whole foods diet, so she will always give you tips on how to incorporate a variety of colorful fruits and veggies into your daily meal plan in order to reap the nutritional benefits that those foods can provide for every aspect of your health. Plus, in between her tips on how to eat right, Julieanna posts fun photos that will make you laugh at some of the common misconceptions about following a plant-based diet. She is one of the best nutrition experts for vegans on Instagram, or anywhere else for that matter.

  1. – @nutrition_facts_org

Dr. Greger runs the website, which is quickly gaining in popularity. He has appeared in documentaries and on TV shows, and he has also written a book on how to eat a healthy plant-based diet in order to extend your life. But beyond promoting the benefits of a plant-based diet, this doctor also focuses on the latest research in the world of medicine. He reads through medical studies regularly and creates short videos that he links to from his Instagram account so that you, too, can learn about the latest findings on various foods and how they can either prevent disease or promote disease. Following him on IG will also keep you abreast of his latest live Q&A sessions on Facebook, his latest videos on other health related topics, and his latest tips for eating to support a strong body.

  1. Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine – @physicianscommittee

The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine, which is also known as PCRM, is packed full of the best nutrition experts for vegans, like Dr. Neal Barnard. In addition to checking out their website to gain access to healthy eating articles and the latest news related to research on diet and health, you can also follow this group of the best nutrition experts for vegans on Instagram. Once you follow the account, you will get daily tips on how to eat well and how to enjoy what you eat. The committee promotes eating right for your body and for the planet, so you will also gain insight into the top meat alternatives and top vegan sources of protein, among many other important topics. Plus, you will even be able to read insightful quotes from leading experts in the fields of nutrition and medicine, and you could learn about how different plant-based foods can provide a host of benefits to your mind and body. In between the fact-based posts are fun posts about celebrities and athletes who have gone vegan and other ways that you can join the exciting plant-based movement.

  1. Dr. Garth Davis – @drgarthdavis

Dr. Garth Davis is a professional in the realm of nutrition and weight loss surgery, and he has dedicated his work to helping individuals learn how to shift their diet and their behavior so that they could be both happy and healthy. He is also an author and he has made appearances on TV and in documentaries. He is not afraid to tell it like it really is when it comes to following a vegan diet, and he is ready to dispel all of the myths that surround it. Following his account will allow you to gain access to his nutrition tips, as well as some of the common mistakes that his patients make when it comes to weight loss and health (like not getting enough fiber every day). If you want to be inspired to go vegan and you want to do it the right way, Dr. Davis’ account is a great one to follow. Plus, because he is in great shape and he posts about his workouts, following this account might even inspire you to be more active, and that could further help you gain control over your weight and your overall health.

  1. Dr. Michelle McMacken – @veg_md

Dr. Michelle McMacken is an inspiring internal medicine physician who is based in New York City. She is dedicated to empowering individuals who want to lead a healthier and more compassionate life, and she feels that there is no better way to do that than by following a vegan diet that is loaded with plants rather than animal products. Her ultimate goal is to prove that a plant-based diet is better for you and it is not hard to follow at all. Plus, she considers herself an evidence-based vegan, so you can rest assured that the tips that she shares with you will be based on the latest research. Her posts will give you insight into what foods you should be incorporating into your daily diet for optimal health, and you will also be able to learn about her speaking engagements and the documentaries that she has been a part of and is helping to promote. In this way, you can continue diving deep into the world of vegan nutrition and everything that it has to offer.

  1. Dr. Danielle Belardo – @theveggiemd

Yet another doctor and expert in nutrition that you can follow on Instagram for daily tips and insights is Dr. Belardo, who is also known as The Veggie MD. She focuses her work on the field of cardiology, and she is just one of many medical experts who agree that a plant-based diet is a great way to prevent, as well as reverse, heart disease. You can follow her account to see some of the delicious foods that she eats and recommends, and to access cooking tips like the best plant-based egg substitutes to use in your favorite recipes. Plus, you could also learn about some of the studies that have proven the benefits of a plant-based diet on heart health. If you or anyone you love suffers with heart problems, following Dr. Belardo and others like her might be just what you need to get the inspiration that you need to go vegan and boost your health.

If you have an Instagram account, start following the best nutrition experts for vegans above so that you can get tips regularly right in your feed. Every day, you will be able to find inspiration and tips on everything from what to eat for long-term health, to fun recipes that you can try with your friends. The key is to eat a diet that is packed with whole food ingredients, as those are the most nourishing. Don’t worry about unnecessary concerns like getting enough protein, as explained in this article from Intechra Health. Once you start following these nutrition experts, you will really start to see that switching to a vegan diet is a great idea and it could really help boost the way that you feel every day.


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