Setting Boundaries for Weight Loss with Your Partner and Entire Household
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April 18, 2021

Setting Boundaries in Weight Loss

Setting boundaries for weight loss isn’t something most people do. In fact, many people don’t even realize that it’s as important as it is. This practice, however, can prove critical not only to the success of your dieting and exercising strategy, but also to the peace you enjoy in your household.

Why Set Boundaries for Weight Loss?

Choosing to set boundaries for weight loss in your household and especially with your partner can help to make sure that expectations are clearly known. In that way, harmful mistakes won’t be made with the best intentions.

For instance, when you properly set boundaries for weight loss, your partner will know that even though you like chips very much, you’d rather that they don’t bring several bags of them home to treat you.  That may seem like a kind thing to do but filling the pantry with your favorite fatty, high-calorie snacks can work in direct opposition to your current goals.

It’s easy to be hurt by that kind of action, so setting boundaries for weight loss can help to reduce the risk of anger, frustration and hurt. It can help a well-meaning partner to support you along the way without accidental sabotage.

Patience Will Be Needed All Around

Even when you’ve set boundaries for weight loss, it’s still important to be patient. That applies to everyone.  Just as it’s hard for you to change your eating and exercising habits in order to reach your goal, it may also be challenging to change habits such as buying chocolate treats to give you as a gift as an expression of caring and generosity. After all, until now, you’ve been pleased to receive them. Getting them for you can feel like the right thing to do, even when warned not to.

What Are Boundaries for Weight Loss?

Boundaries for weight loss are the same as they would be for reaching any other goal. They are a set of restrictions or rules used for guiding your efforts toward succeeding in a specific way. These can include the guidance you use for yourself or may be the guidance that outline the expectations you have for other people and the way they will treat you as you reach for your goal.

The guidelines you set for yourself and your partner are unique to yourself. This may include avoiding having your favorite snacks in the house or having fewer instant or take-out meals.  It may also require you to get up earlier to do workouts or take other similar steps.  You may want your partner to avoid telling you that you’ve earned a food reward or that you should treat yourself because one little treat won’t make too much of a difference.  These may seem like kindnesses, but they can work directly against the goals you’re trying to reach.

The Benefits of Providing Guidance

It may seem strict to set these rules, but overall, it helps to keep things far more peaceful. When everyone in a household is on the same page, there’s a much lower risk of treading on each others’ toes. You can treat each other respectfully and learn together.  Consider this a way to respect yourself and each other.

Don’t forget that you can gain support from several sources. A good weight loss forum can also help you to speak with other people who are pursuing similar goals. In this way, you’re not leaning on one person exclusively.

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