Nutritious Grab-and-Go Breakfast Ideas for Calorie-Controlled Eating
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Morgan Medeiros MSc
October 15, 2018

Grab and Go Breakfast IdeasWhen you’re watching your weight, the Calories in various breakfast foods become readily apparent, and shocking: suddenly, sugar laden cereals, oatmeals, and other carby breakfast foods are out.

Turn to traditional breakfast meats, and the high amount of Calories and fat aren’t an option.

Turn again to supposedly healthier turkey or chicken sausages and realize that they’re still a potent source of carcinogens.

The breakfast game is a frustrating one, to say the least.

If you’re watching your weight and are in need of fast, grab and go breakfast options, we’ve got your back with some easy, low or no prep options to get you on the go in a hurry.

Make Ahead Cottage Cheese Bowls

Think cottage cheese is old school? Think again! This high protein, calcium rich option is about to make a serious comeback according to trend forecasters.

Grab some mini tupperware containers and get creative! Cottage cheese is great in sweet and savory applications: try ½ cup lowfat cottage cheese topped with grape tomatoes and ⅓ cup diced avocado, garnished with black pepper, or go the sweet route by pairing the savory cheese with sweet, crisp apples or tender pears.

Eggs in a Hurry

Hard boiled eggs are perhaps the most overrated breakfast food: easy to make ahead in large quantities and high in satiating protein, you need only peel and eat! Garnish with black pepper and a sprinkle of salt, sriracha, or a little yellow mustard to add variety.

Peel and Eat

String cheese isn’t just for kids: string cheese is a quick, portable option to pair with a piece of fruit on the morning dash out the door. Buy a bag each week for those mornings where you just don’t have time.

Place your fruit bowl by the fridge to make grabbing an apple or banana convenient.

Go with yo’.

We know, Greek yogurt is starting to feel a little overrated. However, it’s highly portable and highly customizable. Mix with canned pumpkin and cinnamon for a fall inspired breakfast that’s easy to make ahead, or pair it with a piece of fruit to eat on your commute.

Morgan Medeiros is a certified nutritionist, holding a both a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition. Morgan completed her undergraduate education at Central Washington University, and her graduate education at Northeastern University. During her time as a graduate student, Morgan focused her area of expertise in health education, weight management, and behavioral change. Morgan has experience working in areas of nutritional neuroscience and disease prevention, obesity prevention, and weight loss. Morgan also works in areas of nutritional analysis and menu labeling for restaurants, where she is able to creatively bridge her interest in food culture and health education. In her free time, Morgan enjoys traveling, reading, writing, running, and spending time with her family and friends (including- most importantly- her dog, Clyde).

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