8 Calorie Hacks to Use Every Day for a Slimmer You
Morgan Medeiros MSc
July 14, 2018

Every Day Calorie HacksLooking for some fast, easy ways to save major calories during the daily grind? Say no more: we’ve got you covered with 8 easy calorie hacks!

1. Skip the Top Bun!

Ordering a burger or sandwich? Remove the top bun or slice of bread to save between 100-170 calories! While this may not seem like much, doing this just twice a week could amount to nearly 5 lbs of weight lost in a single year! Not bad for easy calorie hacks

2. Or…Go Bunless!

Better yet, skip the bun altogether, and order in a lettuce wrap instead!

3. Order Your Salad Naked

Restaurant salads are incredibly high Calorie, often thanks to the presence of multiple toppings and a river of dressing. Order your salad with minimal toppings, and request that dressing is served on the side so that you can apply it (sparingly) yourself!

4. Swap Your Sip

If you’re desperately trying to kick a soda habit, consider swapping in a zero Calorie carbonated beverage like La Croix. Often, the sensation of carbonation works to keep cravings at bay.

5. Reconsider Your Mix-In

Swap your full-fat mayo for light and save 65 calories per tablespoon! Using this sub dramatically cuts the calories in sandwiches, especially creamy sandwiches like tuna or chicken salad.

6. Twirl Away Calories and Carbs

You’ve likely seen trendy “zoodles” on Instagram and social media feeds. Purchase a cheap spiralizer to replace pasta with twirly zucchini “noodles”. Each cup of zoodles saves nearly 160 calories compared to regular pasta.

7. Plate Wisely

Plate size often informs how much we serve ourselves. Large bowls and plates may be prompting you to serve yourself more than you really need in an effort to fill your plate. Donate your old dishes in favor of smaller pieces.

8. Snack Smarter

Even “healthy” sounding snacks can be incredibly high in calories. In general, the more shelf-stable something is, the more calories it contains. Consider nuts: while heart healthy, a serving of nuts the size of a golf ball contains 200+ calories. Make a firm fruits and veggies only rule for snacks.

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