Calories Burned During Summer Activities
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August 14, 2021

Calories Burned During Summer Activities

Do you know how many calories are burned during summer activities? You might be pleasantly surprised! After all, it isn’t always easy to get a workout done in the heat.  It’s important to take lots of healthy precautions to keep yourself well during the hottest days of the year. That said, it’s not as though we can simply sit inside an air-conditioned room and remain still until the weather changes. Our bodies are meant to move!

Are There Really Calories Burned During Summer Activities?

Of course, there are! Any activities, no matter the temperature, will burn calories in the summer.  The key is to make your own choices strategically.  Whether you’re on land, shore or the water, stay hydrated, pay attention to symptoms of overheating and dehydration, and be prepared to act to cool down when needed.

That way, you’ll be able to enjoy calories burned during your summer activities without even really thinking of it as exercise.  You’ll just be doing what you love and reaping the fat torching rewards at the same time.

How Many Calories Are Burned During Summer Activities?

The following are the calories burned during summer activities based on a 150-pound person exercising for an hour. While this number will rise or fall for you depending on your height, weight, the amount of time you exercise, and even how vigorously you participate in your sport, this can help to give you an idea of the difference all your favorite things to do can make.


This simple, straightforward, and yet highly enjoyable outdoor activity will have you working your legs, swinging your arms, and activating your core as you keep your balance going up and down hills along your trail. If you’re carrying a pack, you’ll be using even more of your muscles.  You’ll burn around 400 calories per hour along uneven, steep terrain while carrying a bag. Don’t forget to always hike with a buddy for both fun and safety.


Love heading out to the courts in the summertime? The calories burned during this summer activity might have you heading out even more.  You’ll get a great cardio workout while you work your back and arms.  For every hour of singles play, you’ll burn around 497 calories.

Beach Volleyball

It doesn’t take long before a game of beach volleyball becomes a great workout. You’ll be sweating after the first few minutes.  The short sprints you’re taking along the uneven and shifting surface of the sand give you an outstanding workout. Be sure to train in advance to strengthen your knees and wear added knee support if it is right for you. This will help you to avoid knee problems from running on sand. That said, the calories burned during this summer activity are huge at about 545 per hour.


This immensely fun sport combines an arm workout with cardio exercise as you breathe the air and enjoy the views from and along the water. At the same time, you’ll be blasting through 340 calories per hour. Remember to always head out with a partner and don’t forget to wear a life vest.


While wakeboarding, you’ll be working on your leg strength and balance as well as keeping your core muscles activated.  You’ll also use your shoulders, back and arms as you hold on to the tow rope from the boat. You’ll burn 409 calories per hour as you play.  Don’t forget to abide by boating laws and always wear a life vest while out on the water.


If you’re fortunate enough to have access to a place where you can take part in surfing, then go for it! calories burned from this summer activity reach about 340 per hour while you keep yourself cool in the water.  Don’t forget to hydrate, though.  You may feel cooler than you would if you were active on land, but you’re still sweating and need to replace those fluids.


Swimming in a lake, pool, or anywhere else you can do laps will score you 409 burned calories per hour.  Don’t forget to always swim with a partner and if you’re swimming in a lake, sea or ocean, stay within sight of other. Pay attention to signage and warnings as even the strongest and most confidant swimmers can be rapidly overwhelmed by rough waters, electrical storms or riptides.

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