Costco Food Court Calories You’re Eating Every Time You Shop
September 4, 2020

Costco Food Court Calories information

Costco food court calories are difficult to avoid.  This sounds ridiculous until you join the long line, spend a ton of money that will lead to savings overall due to the size of the packages you’ve purchased.  You’re thinking in terms of savings, you’ve spent a lot of money, and right in front of you is the sign displaying all the cheap, fun and tasty foods you can get.  You’re tired, you’re looking for something fast to eat, and before you know it, you’ve had a Polish sausage, or even two!

What Are Costco Food Court Calories Doing to Your Body Weight?

If you shop at this store only once every month or two and eat reasonably most of the time, the Costco food court calories you consume during each trip won’t really do you any harm.  It’s certainly not a healthy meal, and you’re not doing yourself any favors, but a rare treat won’t hurt.

However, if you’re trying to keep your eating under control or have already had fast food this week, you likely won’t appreciate what those Costco food court calories do to your results.

Can you still enjoy your Costco food court calories now and again? Of course.  It’s highly recommended that you track your nutrition on those days, if not overall.  That way, you can understand what you’ve chosen to eat and work your food choices around that for the rest of the day.

That way, if you truly can’t resist eating after you shop, you’ll at least be able to make the right choices about the treats you eat and can then design the rest of your meals that day – and possibly the following day – to suit your decisions.

That said, if you think you can simply burn off your Costco food court calories through exercise, it’ll be a good idea to first understand exactly what you’ll need to do to achieve that goal.  You may need to do more exercising than you think! Is that slice of pizza really worth a walk that’s over 4 hours long?

Walking (3 mph)Running (6.7 mph)Biking (vigorously, 16 mph)Lap swimming
1 slice como pizza, 680 Calories4 hours, 22 minutes1 hour1 hour, 7 minutes1 hour, 40 minutes
1 polish sausage, 570 Calories3 hours, 39 minutes50 minutes56 minutes1 hour, 23 minutes
1 chicken bake, 770 Calories4 hours, 56 minutes1 hour, 8 minutes1 hour, 15 minutes1 hour, 53 minutes
1 chicken caesar salad, 670 Calories4 hours, 18 minutes59 minutes1 hour, six minutes1 hour, 38 minutes
1 carne asada bake, 740 Calories4 hours, 44 minutes1 hour, 5 minutes1 hour, 12 minutes1 hour, 49 minutes
1 turkey torta sandwich, 730 Calories4 hours, 41 minutes1 hour, 4 minutes1 hour, 11 minutes1 hour, 47 minutes
1 italian sausage sandwich, 700 Calories4 hours, 29 minutes1 hour, 2 minutes1 hour, 9 minutes1 hour, 43 minutes
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