Easy Vegetarian Meal Plan..Now You CAN Go Meatless!
Morgan Medeiros MSc
April 29, 2016

Easy Vegetarian Meal Plan for weight lossOnce the preferred diet of hippies and other eco-friendly alternative lifestyle enthusiasts, vegetarian diets have come once more into vogue.

Whether you’re interested in a vegetarian diet after a coworker’s enthusiasm for lent or a renewed focus on environmentalism in the wake of global warming, this easy vegetarian meal plan is a Calorie-controlled meal plan that serves as a way to lean down and help the planet, all with very little meal prep- and what’s not to love about that?

This plan prescribes to the Ovolactopescatarian form of Vegetarian eating. That’s pronounced Ovo-Lacto-Pesca-Tarian-Ism, for newbies. Ovolactopescatarians eat seafood, dairy, and eggs, but don’t eat meat products. Ovolactopescatarianism is the most flexible of all Vegetarian styles, with Vegan being the most strict, and Ovolactovegetarianism falling somewhere in between.

This plan provides about 1500 Calories per day- if you’re typically consuming around 2000 Calories, this will amount to a weight loss of about 1 lb per week. We provide you with five days worth of easy meal options- the other two days you’re free to eat as you please, provided you stick to that 1500 Calorie daily mark.

A very small amount of Calorie counting is involved, here. While you may sigh at the prospect of having to number-crunch, the tiny bit of math involved in this plan teaches you the crucial skill of calculating your energy balance. Regardless of the long-term eating style you pursue, Caloric regulation is required to maintain your new, lower body weight.

Each day we’ll provide you the Calories in your breakfast, lunch, and dinner- these three meals will get you to around 900-1000 Calories, leaving you 500-600 Calories for snacks, sides, treats, and add-on’s, like cream in your coffee, or a desired condiment.

Each day, review your plan for the day ahead, as well as tomorrow’s plan- some prep may be required at mealtimes for subsequent meals.

Keep in mind that we’ve made this process as simple as possible (hence, “easy-peasy meal plan”)- hours of prep shouldn’t be required in “real world” scenarios. Instead, our prep is simple steps like setting aside leftovers for repurposing later on in the next day’s lunch, or packing lunch the night before to grab as you run out the door (be sure to leave yourself a note, lest you forget your lunch in the fridge!).

We’ve also included two lunches with no prep necessary, saving you a little bit of “brainspace” on Wednesday and Friday with frozen meals and easy sides. While many people eschew frozen meals, many are balanced, portion controlled options that save you the hassle of meal prep and the mammoth number of Calories in a takeout or fast food lunch. Check out the links below for the entire meal plan, complete with shopping list and recipes!

Click Here to Go to the Easy Peasy Vegetarian Meal Plan Shopping List

Click Here for the Easy-Peasy Vegetarian Meal Plan Day #1 Recipes

Click Here for the Easy-Peasy Vegetarian Meal Plan Day #2 Recipes 

Click Here for the Easy-Peasy Vegetarian Meal Plan Day #3 Recipes

Click Here for the Easy-Peasy Vegetarian Meal Plan Day #4 Recipes

Click Here for the Easy-Peasy Vegetarian Meal Plan Day #5 Recipes

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