Go Meatless with This Easy Vegetarian Meal Plan
April 23, 2022

Easy Vegetarian Meal Plan for weight loss

As nutrition research continues to reveal healthy steps that we can take in our daily lives an easy vegetarian meal plan is becoming an extremely helpful thing to have on hand.  Whether you’re aiming to cut meats from a day or two out of your week or you want to cut it out altogether, having the right guidance can go a long way.

Choosing an Easy Vegetarian Meal Plan

No matter your reason for wanting an easy vegetarian meal plan, choosing one that will allow you to transition away from meat while still preparing enjoyable, nutritious meals is very helpful.  We’ve assembled this plan to make it even simpler for you to get started.

Before you begin, please understand that this is not a vegan diet.  It is meatless. In this case, this particular eating strategy is ovolactoescatarian (Ovo-Lacto-Pesca-Tarian).  This means that it still includes eggs, dairy and fish, while skipping all meat products. This is a highly flexible way to leave meat out of your diet, frequently considered to be the most flexible of all the variations of vegetarianism.

While following this easy vegetarian meal plan, you’ll get around 900-1000 calories from your three meals, which will leave you an additional 500 to 600 for snacks, desserts, sides, treats, or other add-ons that you’d like to enjoy throughout the day.  For instance, cream in your coffee would be the first one to start your day.

Will This Promote Weight Loss?

This easy vegetarian meal plan is meant to be nutritious, delicious and meat-free.  That said, if you’re usually consuming around 2,000 calories per day and maintaining your weight, the average 1,500 you’ll eat each day on this plan will lead to weight loss of around 1 pound per week.

Weight loss is not the purpose of this plan, but it will occur naturally if this is what you have been eating and if you stick to this strategy each day.  That said, you’re not required to stick to this eating strategy every day. If you’re aiming to cut meat for only part of your week, then you’ll be eating in your more conventional way the rest of the time. Whether or not you lose weight will depend on what you’re having on those other days too.

How to Start this Easy Vegetarian Meal Plan

Start each week by looking at the plan for the days to follow. It’s a good idea to shop ahead of time to get everything you need. This will make it even simpler, because you’ll always know that you have all the ingredients you’ll require. No trips to the store needed. Otherwise, you can always look at the next day’s plan ahead of time and pick up what you need on the way home from work, so you’ll be able to do any advance prep – or at least know you have what you need for the next day.

This plan has been created to make your life as simple as possible, with minimal basic prep, and deliberate steps to set aside leftovers so you’ll already have prep done for the next day’s lunch. It’s easy enough to keep up at home or at your vacation rentals in Mexico for that matter.

Ready to begin? Check out the links below for everything you need from your shopping list to the recipes.

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