State Fair Food Calories: What to Eat and What to Skip
October 17, 2021

Fair Food Calories and nutrition

When it comes to the state fair food calories you eat, pretty much every snack and meal can be expected to be higher than what you’d usually eat if you were preparing your own dish at home. But you’re at an event! You’re somewhere special! It’s not as though you want to bring your lunch in a brown paper bag! The key to getting it right this year isn’t to be determined not to enjoy any of the treats sold exclusively from those vendors. It’s to make the right choices and don’t overdo it.

The Secret to Mastering State Fair Food Calories

It’s safe to assume that the state fair food calories in pretty much any meal or snack will be high. So, before you decide on what you want to eat, give your options a second though. Do you need to have absolutely everything? Doubtful. Would it be great to have that one dish that you absolutely crave all year long and that is delicious from the first bite to the last? That’s more like it.

Once you decide on what you’d like to have, see if someone else in your group would like to split it with you if it’s something big.  Mile-high burgers and massive hotdogs are enough for two people, particularly if they come with fries or onion rings. If sharing won’t work, consider bringing a container in your backpack so you can bring the second portion home.  That said, try not to be too risky with foods like meats, that can’t be stored warm in your bag for hours.

Count Your Fair Food Calories

As you make your choices, consider the state fair food calories in each dish.  This can make it far easier to decide between two options you’ve been debating.

Corn on the Cob with Butter – 200 Calories

This is a huge hit of state fair food calories for what this meal is. You’ll get 200 or even closer to 300 calories, mainly because of how efficiently these cobs are coated in butter.  If you like the corn on its own, butterless, you’ll save 100 calories or more, since one ear of corn contains around 80 to 100 calories. If you crave the buttered experience, just remember to factor the additional hit into your meal decisions for the rest of the day…which is also likely best to be low-fat.

Bloomin’ Onion – 1,600 Calories

The calorie and fat explosion in these flavor bombs may be what makes it tasty but is also what makes it a full day’s worth of calories with essentially no nutritional merit. If you absolutely must have this option, share it with a big group of friends.  This particular option is too hefty even to be divided in two. It needs to be a group affair.

Curly Fries – 670 Calories

This dish comes with a similar challenge as the bloomin’ onion.  It really is too much for one person to eat.  That said, in this case, it can be shared with one other person and brought down to a far more reasonable total (in terms of state fair food calories).  That said, unless there is a particular vendor who makes them in a way that is better than anywhere else you eat all year long, don’t forget that this is a dish you can essentially eat anytime, anywhere. It might be better to save your options for something you can only get when you’re at this event.

Soft Pretzel – 340 Calories

Just the smell of soft pretzels can have many of us floating off our feet and into the line to buy one.  It’s certainly not a light portion, but it’s also not too shabby all things considered. This fun and tasty food can be delicious and filling without taking up several days’ worth of caloric load. The key to controlling the fair food calories from this option is to skip the cheese sauce.  That melted plastic substance will skyrocket the caloric and fat content into the next state over.

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