• May 5, 2020 at 11:48 am

    I’m not sure if I’m depressed but I feel like I might be.  I’m not unhappy all the time or anything but I’m not motivated to do any of the things I used to be able to push myself to do like skipping an unbelievable number of snacks and I only reach my step goal around once per week now. What do I do?

  • May 11, 2020 at 2:45 pm

    Depression doesn’t feel the same for everyone.  Just because you’re not feeling it every minute, it doesn’t mean it’s not the case.  Instead of guessing, it might be a good idea to talk with someone.  Many professionals offer video conference options online so you don’t have to go into the office. You may just be going through a down time because of everything going on, but it’s best not to assume.  Take good care of yourself.  You’re important and so is your self care.

  • May 21, 2020 at 2:17 pm

    Are you ok now? I hope you’re feeling better.  It’s true. Depression isn’t just a matter of feeling blue all the time. We all have our own version. Try not to be hard on yourself these days.  It’s very hard to try to change your habits when everything else around us is changing so much. Try to do more things you enjoy. Get yourself feeling some routines and safety.  Then, gradually, slowly rebuild habits to where you want them to be.  It’ll all be too hard unless you do it that way. You’re reaching out to all those snacks because you need comfort.  Provide yourself with comfort. Over time, you’ll stop needing to lean on the snacks so much.