Getting Rid of Food Cravings and the Damage They Do
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November 14, 2021

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Getting rid of food cravings can feel absolutely impossible. When you’re someone who experiences them, it can feel as though they run your life.  They are in control, not you.  However, that’s not actually the case! The trick is to know how to handle them and how to stop them for good.

Is Getting Rid of Food Cravings Possible?

Getting rid of food cravings involves many of the same steps you take to break other types of habits.  If you’re finding that you’re constantly tempted to eat snacks or meals that aren’t ideal for your nutrition goals, then it’s time to make it harder to give in.  This doesn’t mean that the inclination to eat will magically disappear. However, the more inconvenient you make it to cave to what you crave, the less you’ll do it, and you’ll start to train yourself to think differently.

This begins by taking temptations out of site and then out of reach.  If you currently keep the snacks you want somewhere visible, then that’ll be the first thing to go. Getting rid of food cravings begins with putting them away or, even better, eliminating them altogether. If you live alone, this is easiest. You’ll be able to give those foods to friends, donate them, or simply not replace them once they’re done.  If you live with others who aren’t following the same strategy as you are, agree to a cupboard that is meant for snacks that they’ll be eating and that you won’t, and ban yourself from that cupboard.  The less you see of those triggers, the less you’ll think about them.  When they’re not accessible to you, it’ll be inconvenient for you to get them, so you’ll be less likely to do so.

Food Addiction is Not the Same Thing

While researchers are still in the process of proving that food addiction is indeed a medical condition, the evidence is growing, and many doctors are already treating it as such.  If you think you’re dealing with more than getting rid of food cravings but are combatting an actual addiction, speak to your doctor to learn what you can do in terms of treatment. You might be surprised at what is available to you to help overcome that inclination to continually eat.

Getting Rid of Food Cravings by Building a Better Relationship with Eating

As much as getting rid of food cravings has to do with separating yourself from temptation as much as possible, it’s not as though you’re giving up eating altogether. Replace the unwanted sensations and behaviors with a better relationship with eating overall.  After all, the whole point isn’t just to stop eating “trouble” snacks. It’s to be able to enjoy them on occasion, while keeping up a healthier diet overall.

Use the following tips to help get you on the right track:

  • Set firm boundaries. Create rules for yourself and stick to them. When it comes to treats – particularly those that you’d typically crave – plan ahead. Allow yourself only a very specific portion and take the time to savor the portion instead of just wolfing it down mindlessly. If you’re tempted to eat more than that, have a healthier food available to fill up on. Getting rid of food cravings in this way lets you enjoy the treat, but not use that treat as something to satisfy your hunger. That’s what healthy foods are for.
  • As mentioned in the last point, take the time to savor your food. This is best done with all food, not just treats. Pay attention to taste and texture. Smell your food. Experience it.  This gives you more of an opportunity to feel satisfied by it. That way, you will be naturally getting rid of cravings by satisfying them in advance.
  • Make the discovery of healthier foods an adventure for you to experience. Be on the lookout for dishes that are nutritious but that will also satisfy your hunger and your taste buds. Experiment with new techniques and ingredients. You might find that giving yourself this experience with your food will eliminate the inclination to overeat on the usual old go-to snacks.



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