When you’re changing your lifestyle – regardless of whether it is for weight loss, to lower your blood pressure, or just for overall better health – there are certain struggles that you are likely to face.  The reason is that every transition process comes with its challenges and its questions.

One of the best ways to help leap those hurdles and keep up your motivation is to receive health and weight loss support from others who have done – or are doing – the same thing as you.  Then, you can offer this exact support in return, paying it forward.

Being a part of a group with others who share the same or similar goals is one of the most powerful ways to keep up your drive.  After all, encouragement from someone else goes a long way.  You might even find that it is just as motivational to provide the encouragement as it is to receive it from others.

The ShareFit Community

The ShareFit community is designed to provide you with the opportunity to give and receive support with other members so that you can tough your way through the rough times and celebrate your victories when you succeed.

Take advantage of this support feature through the ShareFit online forum, where you can ask questions, post tips, and share stories, while you read the stories and tips of others, receive their answers, and respond to their questions, too!  These are individuals who are working to achieve goals just like you and are ready to be helpful while providing their active support.

The great thing about the ShareFit community forum is that it is available to you at all times.  While there is certainly something to be said about talking to someone in person, there’s also a great advantage to being able to ask a question or vent about your struggles, even if it’s 2am!  There are always members who are there for you.

ShareFit Clinical Nutritionist

If the type of support that you need is a little bit more technical and strategic, a ShareFit clinical nutritionist is available to help to answer your questions.  Our Clinical Nutritionist writes for our ever-growing, ever-popular Weight Loss and Health Articles section. Do you have a question and would like it answered by our Clinical Nutritionist, just contact us to let us know.

Whether you’re facing problems or are feeling proud of your achievements and want to shout it from the rooftops, giving and receiving support through the online forum can be one of the best paths that you can take to your confident success.