How to Choose the Healthiest Thai Restaurant Options
June 20, 2020

Healthiest Thai Restaurant Options for weight loss

When you’re headed out to eat, knowing the healthiest Thai restaurant options can help you to know just which options you should select.  The good news is that there are lots of delicious, veggie-heavy selections from which to choose, often with surprisingly low calorie counts. You just need to know what to look for.

Authentic Means the Healthiest Thai Restaurant Options

To start, it’s important to know that the healthiest Thai restaurant options are from those that reflect more authentic versions of that cuisine.  As is the case with many Chinese, Vietnamese, and Japanese restaurants in Western countries, many plates have been altered in order to appeal to Westernized palates.  Therefore, what you’d be eating in those dining establishments isn’t what you’d be served if you visited their countries of origin.

If you head to an authentic spot, you’ll be more likely to find the healthiest Thai restaurant options because you won’t be receiving the “fast food” version of a dish.  If you head out for Thai food and you’re offered chow mein, or teriyaki – dishes that often appear on those menus – you’ll know that you’re eating something westernized or fusion.

Traditional dishes will seem the most adventuresome to your palate but will also come with the best nutrition balances.  Since these are the dishes people are more likely to eat on a more regular basis in Thailand, they’re also more likely to be full of veggies, lean meats and healthy fats as opposed to heavy, sugary sauces and lots of deep fried meats.

What to Eat if You Don’t Have a Traditional Restaurant Nearby

If you want the healthiest Thai restaurant options but don’t have a traditional location nearby, get to understand what’s on the menu.  Pad Thai is delicious, of course, but is also very starchy because of the base of noodles.  If your portion size isn’t huge, go for it!  Otherwise, consider some other dishes that you might like.

For example, chicken satay is a terrific grilled option.  You’ll likely enjoy it if you’d order teriyaki at a Japanese restaurant.  Do you like Thit Nuong (lemongrass pork) at a Vietnamese restaurant? Then the satay would be a great choice for you.  Of course, mixed vegetables are always a great base for your food, allowing you to reduce the quantity of noodles or rice you’ll be eating.

If calories are your concern, you might want to eat a small portion of the gorgeous brightly hued curries.  Anything with thick sauces like this, even if it’s on veggies, will come with a striking calorie load.  Either choose something else or make this one of your healthiest Thai restaurant options by splitting it with someone else at the table.

When in doubt, the soup and salad are almost always the healthiest Thai restaurant options.  Packed with flavor, filling, and nutrient dense, your taste buds will be absolutely delighted with your choice.


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