Healthy Alternatives to Ice Cream and Popsicles
August 5, 2020

healthy alternatives to ice cream

Are you tired of buying box after box of ice pops, such as Popsicles, for your children? Or do you find it hard to control yourself when it comes to enjoying ice cream at home? Well, we have some good news for you: there are tasty and healthy alternatives to ice cream and traditional ice pops, and these are capable of satisfying your sweet tooth just as well.

Check out the tips below to discover what healthy alternatives you should look into, but remember that these will also contain calories, so you still need to manage your portions appropriately.

Side note: If you do want to go with a zero-calorie frozen treat, we recommend making some slush really easily at home. Buy your favorite zero calorie beverage that has a flavor you like. Be sure you buy it in a plastic bottle, not in a can. Put it in the freezer to get it partially frozen. This creates a treat that is super refreshing, but it won’t have any unwanted calories.

Healthy Alternatives to Frozen Treats

1.     Do-It-Yourself Ice Pops

First up, let’s cover how to make your own ice pops, so you won’t always need to buy them in stores. This is surprisingly easy to do when you follow the method below.

Blend different types of fruit that you love with a zero-calorie beverage or some water. Place it in a pitcher. Then use an ice pop mold, and partially fill it with the puree that you made.

Freeze this until it’s solid, remove it from the freezer, and then fill the mold to the top with a different puree so you get a different flavor. Layering flavors like this is sure to delight your kids. And, you don’t need to worry about added sugar!

2.     Refreshing Watermelon Pops

If you love the flavor of watermelon, you can slice some fresh watermelon into triangles. Keep the rind intact. Then, insert a metal skewer or a wood skewer into the rind.

Next, melt down a bit of chocolate. Drizzle that on top of your watermelon slices before refrigerating them until the chocolate becomes hard.

Once the chocolate has hardened, serve up this delicious treat. You’ll quickly realize why it’s one of the best healthy alternatives to ice cream and sugary ice pops!

3.     Berry Treasure

Another one of the fun, healthy alternatives to sugary frozen treats that your family is sure to love is this berry-filled recipe.

Start by tossing together your favorite mixed berries, such as raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries. Mix in some minced mint and basil.

That’s it! Service this up as an adult version of a traditional fruit salad to reap the health benefits of berries. Yum!

4.     Pineapple Dessert Pizza

Finally, there’s this fun take on dessert pizza. Get a pineapple and cut it up into triangular slices. Grill those slices. Top them with a bit of melted chocolate before serving.

Another option would be to slice up the pineapple into cubes instead. Thread three or four cubes onto a metal or wooden skewer. Drizzle the chocolate on, let it harden in the refrigerator, and serve. Yum!

Give these healthy alternatives to ice cream and ice pops a try the next time you’re craving something cooling, refreshing, and sweet!

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