How to Make Healthy Brunch Choices
June 23, 2020

Pick Healthy Brunch Choices

Who doesn’t love brunch? You can sleep in, take your time getting ready, and enjoy the best of breakfast and lunch, all while sipping on a mimosa. Unfortunately, this meal could potentially be a disaster if you don’t know what foods to choose, and which ones to leave off your plate. This is especially true when you’re at a buffet, where myriad choices are in front of you, and temptation is everywhere.

To help you make healthy brunch choices, check out our tips on what to pick and what to skip.

Healthy Brunch Choices

1. What to Drink 

Mimosas and orange juice are commonly enjoyed during brunch, but whether or not your juice has alcohol in it, it’s going to be high in calories and sugar. So, it is best to skip the orange juice and the mimosa. Instead, have some black coffee to avoid drinking calories. 

2. The Sides

When it comes to sides, hash browns are a really popular option, but if you want to keep things healthy and nutritious, order a fruit salad instead. Home fries and greasy hash browns contain hundreds of calories, even in a small serving. You can avoid those extra calories, and get extra nutrition, by enjoying fresh fruit instead.

3. The Eggs 

If you’re planning on eating eggs at brunch, stick with poached eggs, rather than Eggs Benedict, if you want to avoid consuming a lot of unnecessary calories. In fact, a single order can contain upwards of 1,000 calories. Yikes! If you get poached eggs without any hollandaise sauce, you can dramatically reduce that calorie count.

4. The Pancakes and Waffles 

What’s brunch without waffles and pancakes, right? You might think that these are off limits if you’re trying to make healthy brunch choices, but that’s not the case, according to Everyday Health. In terms of calories, waffles and pancakes are pretty much the same, especially if you aren’t getting Belgian style waffles.

But, if you have the option of ordering either of these made with a whole grain flour, do so, because it will be higher in nutrients that way. Also, to keep it as low-calorie as possible, only have one or two small ones to control portion size. Avoid butter, whipped cream, powdered sugar, and syrup toppings, and opt for fresh fruit toppings instead.

Healthy Brunch Choices Are Easy to Make! 

As you can see, even if you are counting calories, you can still enjoy a lovely weekend brunch with your friends and family. Just be sure to make smarter choices when selecting off a menu or browsing a buffet.

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