Smarter Sips: Healthy Convenience Drinks Edition
Morgan Medeiros MSc
January 31, 2017

Choosing Healthy Convenience DrinksAre you looking for help choosing healthy convenience drinks the next time you want to fuel up? Whether you tuck into a convenience store for a soda or hit up a vending machine for an energy drink, chances are you’re one of the millions of Americans who purchases canned or bottled beverages for on-the-go hydration. While juices, sports drinks, and curated waters often sound like healthier options than soda or energy drinks, the Calories are often similar in these convenience drinks. Consider this your handy dandy guide to smarter on the go sipping.

Healthy Convenience Drinks Guide:

Energy Drinks: 1 Beverage=1 can, 10-200 Calories
1 beverage per day=1-20 lbs per year




Red Bull

170 Calories

Red Bull Sugar Free

10 Calories

Monster Energy Drink

200 Calories

Low Carb Monster Energy Drink

30 Calories


Soda and Sports Drinks: 1 Beverage=1 bottle, 200-240 Calories
1 beverage per day=20-25 lbs per year




Coca-Cola, 20 oz bottle

240 Calories

Powerade, 32 oz Bottle

200 Calories


Juices and Curated Waters: 1 Beverage=1 bottle, 120-240 Calories
1 beverage per day=13-25 lbs per year



Simply Orange Juice, 15 oz bottle

160 Calories

Minute Maid Apple Juice, 15 oz  bottle

210 Calories

Odwalla Superfood,15 oz Bottle

240 Calories

Vitamin Water

120 Calories

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