How to Maintain Your Healthy Eating Willpower When Temptations Abound
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July 16, 2020

Healthy Eating Willpower Tips

There are certain situations in which it can become extremely difficult to maintain your healthy eating willpower. Parties are a great example. Whether you’re celebrating the 4th of July in the middle of summer, you’re out for a night of fun for a friend’s birthday, or you’re celebrating an anniversary, it’s easy to give in to unhealthy foods and treats when you’re having a blast.

Thankfully, there are ways to boost your willpower, as well as maintain that healthy eating willpower for the long run, and we’ve listed a few tips below.

Have a Light Meal Before You Head Out 

First off, it’s a great idea to enjoy a light meal at home before you head out to go to the party. This might be a large salad that will fill you up so you won’t end up arriving feeling hungry. At the same time, because this light meal won’t be really high in calories, you’ll still be able to enjoy some of the food at the party, while making smarter choices because you won’t be starving.

Bring Chewing Gum 

If you’re chewing minty gum, you’ll be less likely to be in the mood to eat food. So, bring some gum with you so you can enjoy it while you’re at the party. This can be a surprisingly easy way to maintain your healthy eating willpower!

Don’t Focus on the Food and Alcohol 

Parties are all about eating and drinking, but they’re also about mingling with friends and meeting new people. So, rather than spending time by the table full of food or in the kitchen, find another place to chat with other guests. And, the same holds true for the alcoholic beverages, which are dehydrating drinks that are best avoided when your goal is to eat right.

Find a Teammate 

If someone else at the party is also working hard at maintaining their healthy eating willpower, you can join forces by holding one another accountable. This healthy eating buddy can help you maintain your motivation, and you can do the same for them by keeping an eye on what they’re choosing to eat and drink.

Let Yourself Indulge Just a Bit 

Finally, since you are celebrating something special, you should let yourself indulge a bit. Just be sure to watch your portions, regardless of what meal or dessert you choose to treat yourself to. That way, you can satisfy your cravings, enjoy yourself, and avoid feeling deprived. It’s all about balance, after all!

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