Healthy Lunchbox Main Course Dishes to Choose or Skip
September 14, 2020

Healthy Lunchbox Main Course

If you are like a lot of parents, when you pack lunch for your kids, you focus on providing a healthy lunchbox main course. But, if you are pressed for time, and you are turning to leftovers or prepared options, like Lunchables or pizza, these can be high in calories, while low in nutrition.

How can you select a healthy lunchbox main course that your kids will enjoy eating? Let’s take a look at the pizza and Lunchables options that we mentioned above. Check out the information below to learn more about these, and why they aren’t really the best choice.


There is no denying that kids absolutely love pizza and finding it in their lunchbox is sure to put a smile on their face. But pizza typically contains around 300 calories per slice. So, when it comes to whether or not this is a healthy lunchbox main course, it really depends on the portion size. To prevent your child from consuming too many calories and too much sodium, just provide a single slice for lunch, rather than two slices. Then, add some carrots and celery with a low-fat sauce for dipping, along with an apple, to make this a balanced lunch that is also fun. It’s that simple!


Huffpost refers to Lunchables as “trashables,” and we agree. This is not a healthy lunchbox main course that you should serve to your kids. Sure, these meals are fun for kids, but they are way too high in calories, the ingredients are poor quality, and the nutritional content is lacking. How many calories are in a Lunchable? 450 calories! With so many better, more nutritious, and easy-to-prepare options available, there is no need to feed your kids this processed food for lunch.

Have Fun When Coming Up with a Healthy Lunchbox Main Course for Your Kids!

Packaged foods might be convenient, but you can still come up with healthy lunches that aren’t too time-consuming. And you can help your kids eat right while they are in school and need the physical and mental energy to get through the day!

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