Use These 5 Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner Tips to Block the Bloat
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November 8, 2021

Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner Tips

You are going to be so glad you spotted these healthy Thanksgiving dinner tips in time to make a difference to your holiday meal. There’s absolutely no reason to have to sacrifice flavor and indulgence in your dinnertime spread. However, by making the right tweaks, you can avoid the discomfort and bloating that leads to unbuckled belts.

5 Easy Healthy Thanksgiving Dinner Tips

We’ve assembled these five simple tips to help make your healthy Thanksgiving dinner just that just friendlier to your weight and your overall comfort. Don’t worry, there isn’t a single disappointing low-fat gravy recipe on this list.

1 – You’re Celebrating the Holiday. Singular!

One of the things many of us don’t realize about having a healthy Thanksgiving dinner is that the meal itself, eaten on the big day, isn’t that big of a risk to your health or even your weight control.  Within reason, of course, this holiday won’t have much of an impact on the bigger picture.

The issue isn’t the holiday. It’s the holidays.  We’re so used to hearing about the “holiday season” that it feels as though all the rules fly out the window from Thanksgiving into the new year. Two months of indulgences will certainly impact your weight and wellbeing.

However, when you observe the holidays themselves – the individual days – you’ll find that the issue, and the risk of weight gain, all but disappears.  Go ahead and enjoy your healthy Thanksgiving dinner and all the other individual celebrations too. However, go back to your normal eating routine on the days in between.

2 – Don’t Eat the Extras

When you already have so many tasty dishes on your plate, there really isn’t any need for a dinner roll (particularly a store bought one with butter on it), for instance. Your plate is already fuller than it would usually be. There’s no need for added filler.

3 – Leave the Snacks Alone

If you’ve had an appropriate breakfast and lunch, there is no reason for you to snack on appetizers and pre-game finger foods throughout the afternoon as a lead-up to your healthy Thanksgiving dinner.  Why fill up throughout the afternoon when you know you have a feast ahead of you?

4 – Just Have One

When it comes to servings and desserts, the key is to have only one.  Have one serving of all your favorite dishes, but only one. Seconds are where the truly excess calories, fats and sugars come from. When dessert comes around, again choose only one. One type and one portion.  You’ll still indulge in your favorite sweet treat of the holiday, without going overboard. This is an important step to keeping bloat under control as sugar is notorious for causing the discomfort.

5 – Share!

Leftovers are often seen as one of the best parts of a healthy Thanksgiving dinner. If you’re hosting, instead of having days of leftovers to follow the big meal, create care packages and send some of it home with your guests. That way, everyone can enjoy Black Friday without having to cook!

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