Romantic and Healthy Valentine’s Day Dessert Ideas You’ll Both Love
January 18, 2021

healthy Valentine's Day dessert hacks

Healthy Valentine’s Day dessert ideas have been a hot topic this year.  After all, everyone is carrying a bit of extra after last year, and there is a growing focus on how to lose belly fat as summer approaches. A candlelit dinner is all well and good, but if the only thing you have left that fits is an old pair of track pants, a dessert alternative couldn’t hurt.

Don’t Skip Enjoyment in the Name of a Healthy Valentine’s Day Dessert

It’s important not to skip out on everything you enjoy. The last thing you want to do is feel deprived. You’ll never set up healthful long-term habits if you feel like you’re missing out on everything good.  However, a massive molten chocolate cake on your plate isn’t your only option for indulging in something sweet and delectable. Yes, it is possible to enjoy a healthy valentine’s day dessert that is perfectly delicious and romantic at the same time.  The key is to have the right tips to help you out.

How to Enjoy a Romantic Healthy Valentine’s Day Dessert

Use these healthy Valentine’s Day dessert tips to keep the romance but lose the excess.


Love cheesecake? Chocolate covered strawberries? Yes, even a molten chocolate cake? No problem!  The key is not to keep it all to yourself.  After all, it’s one special day per year! One dessert, two spoons!

No matter what you choose, you can make it a more nutritious sweet treat by sharing it. You’ll still get all the flavor, but you’ll split the calories, sugar, and fats in half. Suddenly, that 800 calorie slice of cheesecake is a much more manageable indulgence at 400.  Yes, 400 calories is high, but not as high as it would be if it were doubled!

Don’t Eat Everything

Even if you are sharing your healthy Valentine’s Day Dessert, this doesn’t mean that you have to polish off everything.  Whether you have a box of chocolate covered strawberries, assorted chocolates, or something else in large quantities, there’s no reason for you to have to eat the whole thing all in one night.

Enjoy your treat.  Share it with each other.  Savour the flavors and textures.  Then, put the excess in the fridge so you can do it all again tomorrow.  You don’t need 12 chocolate covered strawberries all in one evening! You certainly don’t need an entire box of chocolates.  Instead, enjoy it over more than one day.

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