Non-Food Rewards: Tips to Incentivize Your Weight Loss Without Food
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Morgan Medeiros MSc
July 4, 2019

Incentivize Your Weight Loss Without FoodWhen you’re used to rewarding yourself with food after a major accomplishment or making it through a hard day, it can be challenging to find appropriate, non-food rewards to incentivize your weight loss.

We’ve compiled a list of 30 non-food rewards at every price range to help you cultivate a healthier relationship with rewards on your road to lasting weight loss.

Incentivize Your Weight Loss With These Non-Food Rewards

  1. A new app.
  2. A new song or playlist (consider making a power playlist for your journey!).
  3. A new journal or fun pens.
  4. A new mug.
  5. A new water bottle.
  6. Tickets to an event.
  7. Paint night with a friend.
  8. Crafting supplies.
  9. A new cosmetic bag.
  10. New cosmetics.
  11. A new sports bra.
  12. Athletic shoes.
  13. Yoga pants or gear.
  14. A new book (use a library card for a free reward option!)
  15. A new episode of your favorite Netflix show.
  16. A massage (go to a spa or ask your partner for a free reward option!)
  17. Manicure or pedicure.
  18. Eyelash extensions.
  19. Hair cut.
  20. New hair color.
  21. New hair products.
  22. New bathing suit.
  23. New cooking supplies.
  24. A new plant.
  25. A new tee.
  26. A visit to a museum or gallery (check schedules for free events!).
  27. A night of bowling with family or friends.
  28. A visit to a new hiking trail (free reward option!).
  29. Rearrange or redecorate a room (potentially free reward option!).
  30. A new band for a smartwatch or new phone case.
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