What is the Ketogenic Diet and Does it Work for Weight Loss?
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September 3, 2020

about a ketogenic diet for weight loss

The ketogenic diet is one of the most popular weight loss eating plans out there today. But what is it, and is it really a good idea to follow it? We break everything down for you below so you can make the right decision about your weight loss journey. Remember, it’s all about feeling good, in addition to looking good, when it comes to losing weight.

What Is the Ketogenic Diet?

The keto diet helps get your body into a state of ketosis. This is a state during which your body will end up burning fat, rather than carbs, for fuel. How do you get your body to that point? Well, you severely restrict your intake of carbohydrates at every meal.

If your body had the choice, it would choose to run on the blood sugar from carbs. That’s because the metabolic pathway for breaking down carbs is a lot faster and easier than it is for protein or fat. But, when you’ve pretty much eliminated carbohydrates from your diet, your body has to do what it needs to do to survive, so it turns to stored fat, breaking it down to generate energy.

How long does it take before ketosis kicks in? Well, it usually happens after two to four days of consuming fewer than 20 to 50 grams of carbs daily. Yes, it’s that restrictive.

The Potential Risks That Come with the Ketogenic Diet

Even though researchers have found that the ketogenic diet can help reduce the occurrence of seizures in kids, there are concerns about using this eating plan to lose weight. Despite all of the marketing campaigns claiming it’s such a great diet, there are things to consider before jumping on the bandwagon.

  • Some research has found that, yes, compared to a moderately low carb diet, the keto diet might help you lose weight faster, but the differences in results start to disappear over time.
  • Weight typically isn’t lost for the long run. Weight regain risk is high. That’s usually because this diet is really hard to maintain.
  • Long-term safety and effectiveness of the keto diet hasn’t been established. Many experts warn about the long-term health consequences and potential dangers of following this diet.
  • Side effects of ketosis include weakness, nausea, dizziness, headache, muscle cramps, diarrhea or constipation, fatigue, deficiencies, skin rash, bone loss, and ketoacidosis. Some side effects can be severe, and ketoacidosis can be fatal.
  • There can also be a risk if you don’t choose the best keto diet pills for your needs and expectations. It’s true that there are a lot of options out there but they’re not all the same. It’s important to avoid those making outlandish claims that are too good to be true. Instead, find those that will support you in your efforts and help you to overcome your top challenges.  If you’re uncertain, it’s always a good idea to speak with your doctor before trying anything new. That can help you to know you’re making an appropriate choice for both your results and your health.

Overcoming the Challenges with the Right Support

Just because there are challenges to this diet, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible.  Thousands of people succeed with it and keep their weight under control for years after reaching their goals.  At the moment, there is a growing trend on social media in which people who have reached their goals using the ketogenic diet for weight loss are sharing pics a year, year and a half, and two years later.  This is expected to continue as people continue to maintain their achievements.

To overcome some of the biggest challenges associated with ketogenic dieting for weight loss, a rising number of people are turning to KETO FASTCUT for help. It helps to support digestive processes with prebiotics. It also contains BHB salts to promote better ketone levels.  At the same time, it replenishes electrolytes and assists with autophagy. In this way, it offers substantial support in keeping you where you need to be with this eating strategy.

Ketogenic Diet: Is It Really Worth Trying for Weight Loss?

Bottom line: the ketogenic diet might be good for weight loss support, but it’s not something that promotes overall health or long-term weight loss. With so many questions surrounding its safety, it’s best to proceed with caution, or just follow a different eating plan altogether.

There are a lot of healthy eating methods that aren’t so restrictive and difficult to follow, and rather than causing side effects, they actually help you feel better and more energized. So, despite what you have heard about the keto diet and how wonderful it is, it’s wise to do your research and really think about the pros and cons first.

Speaking with your doctor is always the best first step. Many people will successfully achieve rapid weight loss using a ketogenic diet for weight loss.  As long as they know what they’re doing, focus on proper balanced nutrition and have an alternative eating plan for after they reach their goal weight, this can be a highly effective strategy. The key is doing it right, and that can be more than a little challenging. It’s up to you to decide if you’re prepared to stick to it and have the right support on hand.

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