Even though we all know that being fit and healthy should be our ultimate goal, it can be very challenging to know exactly what that means.  This struggle to live fit is even worse when you consider that we are constantly barraged with images of actors, actresses, professional athletes, and models that give us an unrealistic – and inaccurate – mental image of how healthy and beautiful should look.

On top of that, the average lifestyle is becoming increasingly busy, which can make it feel as though it is nearly impossible to fit adequate healthy meals and workouts into our daily lives. How can anyone learn how to live fit with these challenges?

It is possible!  ShareFit is here to show you just how to do it.  You can still keep up with all of your responsibilities, chores, and even your social life while maintaining a healthy diet and activity level and loving it, too!

Use the following steps to make sure that you’re always on track and treating your mind and body with the respect that they deserve:

  • Create flexible goals for yourself and stick to them!
  • Track your food and fitness choices.
  • Always eat breakfast, even if it’s just something small.
  • Eliminate processed foods and soda from your daily life. Make junk food a rare treat, instead.
  • Fill more of your plate with veggies and green salads and less with starches.
  • Plan your snacks ahead of time instead of letting your hunger guide your decisions.
  • Stop eating late at night and skip the midnight snacking.
  • Dig those walking shoes out of the closet or buy yourself a great new pair – then use them!
  • Promise yourself at least 30 minutes of total exercise per day (with no single workout being less than 10 minutes). Alternate cardio with strength and flexibility training.
  • Get a buddy!  You’ll keep each other on track!
  • Read all about it.  Keep up on the latest articles that can help to inspire you to treat yourself even better!
  • Leave fad diets and guilt behind.  You’re doing this because it’s great for you.  If you slip up a little bit one day, that’s fine because you’ll be staying on track the next day and you likely did fine the day before.

ShareFit is filled with resources from articles to food and fitness trackers and from videos to support forums that will give you the information and confidence that you need to start and maintain the healthiest lifestyle you’ve ever had! Get started today and learn how to live fit!