• Envirotodd posted an update in the group Group logo of Daily ExerciseDaily Exercise 8 years, 10 months ago

    Hi group! I hope this gets bigger soon. I figure if I tell you all that I’m going to exercise every day (cardio 5 times per week, strength training 2 times per week) then I’ll actually do it because you’ll all pressure me to 😉

    • LOL I hope it works for you. I’m not here to pressure you, but if my being here drives you to exercise, go for it! 😉

      • Thanks! Even though you’re saying no pressure, I’m going to pretend that there is. Just knowing that other people know about my goals is pushing me to keep trying so I don’t have to announce that I failed.

    • Hi Group buddies, I am doing my exercise daily basis and wanna lose my weight but I was unable to lose weight during my this schedule. If anybody has good ideas and weight lose tips please share with me. Thanks