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I try to be healthy but I know I can do better. I want to eat healthier and be more active overall and I'm looking for tips and tracking to keep me on track.

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  • Nah it doesn’t give you energy for your workouts. But it’s in some good products that have other ingredients that will help you with your workouts.  Forskolin is more about benefits that support you with what you eat.

  • I bet it’s just that you’re doing everything right and that’s how your body drops pounds. You’re likely building muscle throughout as you burn fat, so it just looks like nothing is happening for a stretch, then more fat comes off faster than you build muscle, then you go back to it . you’ll likely level off after a bit.  As long as you feel good…[Read more]

  • Thanks. I’m going to my first class in a couple of weeks and I’m very nervous about it. I’m sure it will be fine, but anything new is a bit nerve wracking sometimes. I just want to do as much as I can to start off right, like dressing properly for the class.

  • Helen1 replied to the topic Bike helmets in the forum Cycling Forum 3 weeks, 4 days ago

    what about one of the little beanie ones? Do they fit differently against your hair than one of the traditionally shaped ones?

  • That’s a really hard one.  Since PCOS messes with your blood sugar, I’d say that a lower carb diet is likely the kind you want to follow. Get enough good protein and fat instead.  Choose your sources carefully, like grass fed beef instead of regular beef.

  • Thanks, I’ll keep looking. I hope i find something. It’s not that I can’t swim at all but I’d love the opportunity to hone my skills without having to compete at the end. I just want to learn for the sake of self improvement not to put myself up against other people and have to travel to competitions.  I’m hoping that will become more popular.

  • Do you wear the same thing to a Tai Chi class that you would wear to a yoga class?

  • Out of curiosity, do adult swimming lessons exist, like they kind they have teaching kids, and are they commonplace? I mean, I can swim but if I want to learn new strokes or improve how I swim and get stronger at it without being in competition, does that really exist, or is there not enough interest in it.

  • I haven’t tried 3G BURN, but I looked up what its ingredients are.  It looks good to me. It looks like energy is pretty much what it’s all about.  I bet that your other supplement had the same or similar energy ingredients.  It’s the rest that makes this one fully natural.  I say go for it.

  • When you’re walking briskly for the full walk, and it’s still not challenging to you, then you’re ready to boost things up.  I think it’s a good idea to begin with intervals.  Add a minute of running or jogging to your walk and increase over time.

  • I want to trust the claims made about tea and weight loss or other health stuff, but I think I have to agree with Brightstar if I really want to get real.  It’s just not enough.  Likely in a clinical setting it would work, but when it comes to actually drinking tea the benefits would be light. You’d need to drink dozens of cups per day to do something.

  • I love how convenient and cheap plastic water bottles are and that you can squeeze them to make the water come out. Are any plastic water bottles to be trusted? I’ve bought only plastic that is BPA-free but does that make it safe or are there other things in plastic I should worry about?

  • I’ve been looking at striders. THey work both your arms and your legs without hurting your joints.  If that’s the case, are stationary bikes pretty much out of date?

  • I agree, or if you don’t want to chew gum and you can’t brush your teeth at least eat a strong mint. It does make a difference.  keep drinking water, too.  Make sure your meals are good and have light snacks when you need them.  If you’re hungry, starving yourself won’t help anything becasue you can’t continue that over time.

  • I think it’s swimming all the way.  Cycling you use mostly just your legs. Swimming you use your whole body. It just makes sense that you get a way better workout out of it for cardio, fat burning and the whole thing.

  • taking vitamin c supports the immune system.  Vitamin c’s an important vitamin and if you don’t get enough of it then your immune system is weakened.  That said, most of us easily get all the vitamin c we need. Taking a supplement if you’re already getting enough won’t make your immune system any stronger.

  • Thanks for checking in, Brightstar. It’s interesting that you feel like your other workouts are better.

  • Out of curiosity, is Atkins the company still around? I saw some of its snacks on clearance the other day and I was surprised.  I thought since it’s been so heavily discredited, it probably had shut down.

  • I think you can only do what you can.  Don’t let it stop you if you can stand to move.  It will help you to move.  But don’t hurt yourself.  The pain is real.  You can always take a painkiller and work out right afterward.  You’re not doing harm to yourself.  The pain isn’t from something that is causing you damage.

  • Udder cream.  It has the weirdest name but it really works.  It makes a big difference. It’s also good for knees and elbows, while you’re at it.

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