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I'm an elementary school teacher. I love movies. I have a cat I love almost as much as my 2 best friends who I love more. We're all going to lose weight together (cat too) to get healthy and stop hating the way we look.

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  • Just eat the stalk part and not the leaves. Some people think the leaves are toxic. I don’t know if that’s true, but why risk it?

    Rhubarb is high in fiber, vitamin c, vitamin k, manganese, potassium and other vitamins and minerals.

    A lot of people think you need to add sugar, but I don’t. I just cook it down in a bit of water in a pan until it’s…[Read more]

  • KittyKatt replied to the topic Spin class in the forum Cycling Forum 1 week, 5 days ago

    I’ve wondered the same thing. Thanks for asking that question. I feel a bit better about looking into them now. I don’t mind getting a good workout, but I don’t want to be the only one in a class who can’t even remotely come close to doing the basics.

  • I understand your struggle. I’ve had casual/fashion shoes recommended to me for athletic purposes, too.  Just because they look like running shoes, it doesn’t mean they have the right features.  It would be great if stores would just allow their sales people to say that they don’t know the answer, instead of making something up.  It makes me le…[Read more]

  • Good idea, Penny4T.  I wouldn’t have thought of that.  I hope it keeps working for you.  Can you make the weights heavier as you get stronger?

  • KittyKatt replied to the topic prescription goggles? in the forum Swimming Forum 1 month ago

    Thanks! That’s so fantastic.  I’ve found them online, but I can’t figure out what my prescription would be, so I’m going to have to ask my optometrist.  This is great.  They’re so inexpensive!

  • why don’t you let it earn you stuff.  Think of something you want to do – something small, but that you like – and then make a rule that you can’t do it until you’ve done your strength training workout.  Make sure that you knwo that you need to do your workout with effort, not just going through the motions.  I personally use dessert as mine.  If…[Read more]

  • A good friend of mine asked me a question that I really don’t know the answer to.  She struggles to see at the pool because she has a high prescription.  Are there goggles that you can get that give you prescription vision but that don’t cost what glasses cost? I mean for people who swim on occasionally, not professional athletes.  Is that out there?

  • I’m glad I’m not the only one with doubts. I don’t want to be a bad sister by thinking those things about the plan she’s chosen.  But it just looks so unrealistic to me that I really don’t think this is good for her. I hope she moves through this phase quickly so she can get into something better.

  • I think envirotodd’s got it.  PRetty much you have to go for it unless you can run in a field or on a track, make sure you’ve got the right shoes and socks. your socks are as important as your shoes.  And make sure you run right.

  • My sister is doing Plant Paradox.  She read the book cover to cover (she’s one of those really dedicated people) and loves it and says it makes complete sense to it. From everything I’ve seen online, it’s controversial at best and nothing says that lectins are actually toxic the way the Plant Paradox says it is.  Is my sister on to something or d…[Read more]

  • I think I really have to jump on with talking to your doctor or dietitian. I hate it when people say that to me about my questions, but really when you want to change your food and you have a medical condition that is going to be affected by it, it’s really probably the best thing.  I promise not to get mad at you if you answer that to me if I…[Read more]

  • If you’re just going to a beginner class it really likely won’t matter too much what you wear as long as you can move around.  Even if you showed up dressed for a yoga class instead of a tai chi class, nobody is going to yell at you.

  • It’s something gradual and personal.  Everyone faces their own unique challenges.  It may start affecting you earlier or later.  Age does affect weight because of things such as lost muscle mass and hormones though.

  • This weekend I saw an article that says animal studies they’ve been doing on keto have shown to be problematic sometimes. Veterinarians don’t trust it yet, so doctors for humans probably shouldn’t.

  • I don’t trust what fitness trackers show, either.  I don’t know if they think they’re accurate or if they deliberately show a higher calorie burn than reality because they want to motivate but it makes it hard to do things correctly without the right figures on our sides.

  • I don’t think anyone really knows.  There hasn’t been a lot of research done on keto dieting and the stuff that has been done was focused on epilepsy in kids. Basically, if you do that diet right now, it may be safe or it may not, but doctors don’t even know. You’ll technically be one of the guinea pigs.  So if you really want to, it’s smart to t…[Read more]

  • I hope you find one you like. I tried to use mediterranean a couple of years ago but I never ended up being able to stick to it.  It started off good in the summer but as soon as the weather turned cold, I ended up going to the heavier, creamy foods that always get me at that time of year.

  • I’m building back up to running again for the spring.  I’m walking first, then I’ll run (jog, then run).  How fast should I be walking before I start adding intervals of running? Should I practically be jogging already or is it not quite that obvious?

  • Really? If I have a cup of green tea it’s not really doing anything for weight loss and overall health? But so many things say it will.  Are you sure?

  • I agree. I think it’s a type of eating. An overall style. But there are tons of websites and books that lay out the rules to make it easier to follow it like a program until it’s a part of your lifestyle.

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