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    I love my fitbit because it gives me lots of trackign. I’m obsessed with it. But I don’t like the food tracker that goes with it. Has anyone else tried that food tracker? It’s very frustrating. I like the layout here better. Just wanted to share that because I almost switched over but it was far too irritating, even though I was already using the app to track my steps and water intake.

    • I agree. The fitbit food tracker is, at best, good for getting a ballpark idea. It’s just not a good enough database. I link mine with sharefit’s food tracker . I have a friend who uses myfitnesspal’s food tracker and links it with fitbit. The apps share each others’ info automatically. Way better than fitbit’s food portion.

    • I have been using my Fitbit since Thanksgiving. I love it. I helps me see how much I move and how I need to get up and move more often.
      I have used sparkpeople app but I don’t log in my meals as I should. Im a very petite female who has seen the weight go up for the past 8 years every since I got past 45. before age 45 my weight has never been an issue. Im beginning to see that I have not been eating enough and I need to eat more especially healthier foods.