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    I’m new. I’ve been trying for months to lose some stubborn lbs. February 2019 I had a hysterectomy due to severe bleeding and fibroids. I gained several lbs because I wasn’t able to keep exercising. I did walk some but it took a couple months before I was able to get back to weight training. then had another set back with 2 more surgical procedures with limits put on me as I recovered. Now I am free to get back to working out and I have found it hard to get back to what I was doing. slowly I am increasing what I can do. I have not seen any change in my weight. I have however have measured my body in various places and have lost a inch here and there. so I think maybe I am losing some fat but gaining muscles. I do know that muscles weigh more than fat. hopefully as I keep strength training I will see my weight start to go down.