Big and Small Non-Scale Victories That Are Worth Celebrating
Weight Loss
July 14, 2020

Non-Scale Victories in Weight Loss

If you’re struggling to stick to your weight loss plan because you aren’t seeing the number on the scale go down, it is time to search for the non-scale victories that are always worth celebrating.

What Are Non-Scale Victories?

Non-scale victories are those milestones that you reach that have nothing to do with the number on the scale. You will have a lot of these big and small victories along the path that will lead you to a slimmer body, and you should recognize them to keep your motivation high. After all, it’s easy to become impatient or feel disappointed when you step on the scale only to find that you weigh the same. And, it can also be tough when the number has gone up because you’re strength training and building muscle.

Just remember: you didn’t gain weight overnight, so you can’t expect to lose it overnight either. Plus, non-scale victories are just as critical on your weight loss journey as reaching your target weight.

What Are Some Non-Scale Victories to Look For? 

Here are 39 victories that you should look for, and check off your list, while you are working hard at losing weight. Try hitting 25 of these, and celebrate every time.

  1. Your clothes are starting to look baggy because they’re too big for you now.
  2. You aren’t as bloated.
  3. You are starting to feel fuller faster when you eat.
  4. You are consistently working on measuring your portions, and you’re achieving portion control.
  5. You faced a challenging food situation and won.
  6. You faced a challenge by trying again.
  7. You completed at least three workout sessions in a week.
  8. You reached a new exercise personal record.
  9. You got a compliment from someone about your appearance or healthy habits.
  10. You set a new healthy boundary.
  11. You enforced one of your healthy boundaries.
  12. You stuck to your goals and made a smart, healthy choice at a restaurant.
  13. You tried out a brand new recipe.
  14. You didn’t get any fast food, even though you really wanted to.
  15. You didn’t give in when other people tried to get you to eat a food that didn’t fit your plan.
  16. You advocated for your needs, such as by telling your friends that you want to eat at a restaurant that has healthy options you can enjoy.
  17. You tried a new vegetable that you never had before.
  18. You were able to use a healthy coping mechanism.
  19. You realized you needed help, and reached out to someone for it.
  20. You’ve gone down a clothing size.
  21. You wore an article of clothing that you previously didn’t feel confident enough to wear.
  22. You didn’t emotionally eat at a time when you felt challenged.
  23. You were able to use healthy self-talk to face, and overcome, a challenge.
  24. You completed three days on your plan.
  25. You completed five days on your plan.
  26. You completed a week on your plan.
  27. You redirected yourself when you were bored and tempted to eat because of it.
  28. You are experiencing less back pain or joint pain.
  29. You went three days without drinking alcohol.
  30. You went five days without drinking alcohol.
  31. You went seven days without drinking alcohol.
  32. You went a whole month without drinking alcohol.
  33. You have more energy.
  34. You have spoken about your weight loss journey with a sense of pride.
  35. You didn’t give in to a food craving.
  36. You are getting better sleep.
  37. Your kids are eating better.
  38. Your wedding ring fits differently – it might be a little too big now, or it might fit you again if it didn’t fit before.
  39. You had a great day when your confidence was high.

Even if you haven’t yet achieved any of the non-scale victories on the list above, with persistence, you will do amazing things, so set your plan in motion, and then keep going!

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