Non-Scale Victories: Big and Little Wins to Celebrate
Weight Loss
Morgan Medeiros MSc
July 9, 2019

Non-Scale Victories in Weight LossStruggling to keep afloat in your journey when the scale doesn’t budge? You need some non-scale victories to celebrate along the way.

It’s easy to become discouraged or impatient when the scale doesn’t move. However, it’s important to stay committed to your journey. You didn’t gain the weight overnight and you won’t lose it overnight!

While practicing patience in a weight loss journey is essential, cultivating pride through non-scale victories is just as important!

Non-Scale Victories to Celebrate

We’ve compiled a list of 39 non-scale victories to check off on your way to your goal weight: see if you can complete 25 in your journey!

  1. Clothes feeling baggy.
  2. Less bloat!
  3. Felt fuller faster.
  4. Consistent portion control and measuring.
  5. Said no, thank you to a challenging food situation.
  6. Completed 3 workouts in a week.
  7. New exercise PR
  8. Received a kind compliment about my habits/appearance.
  9. Set a healthy boundary.
  10. Enforced a healthy boundary.
  11. Tried a new recipe.
  12. Ate a new veggie.
  13. Practiced a healthy coping mechanism.
  14. Reached out for help when needed.
  15. Went down a clothing size.
  16. Did not emotionally eat when challenged.
  17. Made it through 3 days on plan.
  18. Made it through 5 days on plan.
  19. Made it through a week on plan.
  20. Less joint/back pain.
  21. More energy.
  22. Better sleep.
  23. Wedding ring fits again (or is too big!).
  24. Kids eating healthier.
  25. Made a healthy choice while eating out.
  26. Went 3 days without alcohol.
  27. Went 5 days without alcohol.
  28. Went 7 days without alcohol.
  29. Went a month without alcohol.
  30. Wore a clothing item you weren’t confident enough to before.
  31. Did not stop for fast food (even when you really wanted to).
  32. Did not give into a craving.
  33. Did not give into food pushing from friends, family members, etc.
  34. Advocated for a need (redirecting friends to a restaurant with healthier options, etc).
  35. Redirected self when tempted to eat out of boredom.
  36. Had an amazing confidence day.
  37. Spoke about your process with pride.
  38. Tried again in an area of challenge.
  39. Used healthy self-talk to overcome a challenging moment.
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