You Can Get Nutritionist Created Diet Plans for Free at Sharefit
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May 8, 2020

Nutritionist Created Diet Plans at Sharefit

If you have been on the hunt for better ways to eat in an effort to slim down while also maintaining a high energy level, and keeping your body in tip-top shape inside and out, but you have not been able to find the right diet, you aren’t alone.

A lot of people get really tired of the diets that limit what they can and can’t consume on a daily basis. If you are feeling deprived, and tired of yo-yo dieting, it’s time to look into nutritionist created diet plans that can be a better fit for your unique needs.

The Benefits of Nutritionist Created Diet Plans 

According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, healthy eating plans will ensure that your body gets the right nutrients for overall wellness and disease risk reduction, but they’ll also allow you to get the right amount of calories to lose weight.

When you get nutritionist created diet plans, you aren’t getting a one-size-fits-all plan. Instead, you’re getting a personalized, customized plan that will tell you how much you should eat, what you should eat, and how you should eat in order to get the best results in the shortest amount of time, without compromising your health or energy. That’s because these plans are made with your unique needs in mind.

You Can Get Nutritionist Created Diet Plans at Sharefit! 

Sharefit provides free nutritionist created diet plans that you can begin taking advantage of right away. They’ve been created by Morgan Medeiros MSc, who is a certified nutritionist with a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in clinical nutrition from Central Washington University and Northeastern University.

As a graduate student, she focused on areas like behavioral change, health education, and weight management, and she gained experience in weight loss, disease prevention, nutritional neuroscience, and obesity prevention. Today, she enjoys making customized diet plans for individuals from all walks of life, and she works in nutritional analysis and menu labeling for restaurants as well.

What to Expect from Sharefit’s Nutritionist Created Diet Plans 

Here is a breakdown of the Sharefit nutritionist created diet plans available:

1. Nutritionist Created Diet Plan for Petite Women – View Now

Are you a woman who is shorter than 5’4” tall? Then you might be finding it harder to shed pounds than women who are taller than you. This is where these types of diet plans can come in really handy. These plans can help you with the following:

  • Weekly workout guides and meal plans
  • Easy-to-prepare recipes that are low in calories and meet your needs
  • Meal plans that consist of three meals daily, along with a daily snack and treat
  • A guide to zero-calorie beverages and the benefits of water for petite women on a diet
  • Weekly shopping guides for your groceries

2. Nutritionist Created Diet Plans You Can Stick To

So many diets are inflexible and difficult to follow for an extended period of time. Our plans help you get down to 1400 calories per day with the help of simple and structured meals. You even get 350 calories to eat whatever you want, such as pizza, so you won’t feel deprived.

  • Daily calories are divided evenly into four meals, for a total of 1400 total
  • Swappable and easy options make this plan manageable, without a need for a cheat day
  • Convenient shopping list, and guidance via flex plans, allow you to plan meals easily

3. Start Gradual Weight Loss Meal Plans – View Now

Our gradual weight loss plan will complement your fitness routine. Consisting of three easy, no-prep options for each meal, you can use this plan to make your 1500-calorie plan, which includes three meals and a 350-calorie treat. You get:

  • Four weekly plans
  • A plan for dining out
  • A plan for eating at fast food chains
  • A plan for salads that are satisfying
  • A plan for open-faced sandwiches

4. Easy Vegetarian Nutritionist Created Meal Plans – View Now

Want to limit animal products? No problem! Our vegetarian nutritionist has created meal plans that are calorie-controlled and simple. Loaded with healthy options, these will satisfy your cravings. And Sharefit’s ovolactopescatarian form of vegetarianism lets you enjoy veggies, fruits, eggs, seafood, and dairy, so it is flexible. Details include:

  • 1500 daily calories
  • Shopping list and five days of recipes
  • Guidance on calorie counts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, with 500 calories for snacks and treats

Let’s Get Started!

Are you ready to give Sharefit’s diet plans a try? You can start whenever you are ready. Remember, successful weight loss involves leading a healthy lifestyle that includes eating right, exercising, and ditching bad habits like smoking, and these plans will help you get started.

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