Top Road Trip Tips for Eating Nutritious Foods
Morgan Medeiros MSc
July 27, 2018

Nutritious Foods on a Road TripWhether you’re headed on a cross country road trip to see our beautiful National Parks, beaches, or just- you know- grandma’s house, eating on the go can be a challenge: it’s difficult to resist the urge to nosh on high-Calorie, high-sodium, high-sugar foods when you have hours or even days to pass in the car.

Despite the challenges of eating away from home, there are a number of easy things you can do to make this summer’s getaway a little healthier.

#1. Plan Ahead!

You likely know the route you plan on taking to arrive at your destination. Google restaurants along the route for healthy options and browse menus ahead of time to decide when and where you’ll stop for healthy refueling at meal times.

This helps prevent the situation of desperate hunger where you’re willing to eat anything, even if that means a greasy plate of hash browns from a roadside diner.

#2. Skip the Convenience Store.

Use gas station convenience stores for three things only: gas, restrooms, and beverages. Don’t peruse the aisles of tempting candy, chips, cookies, or high-sugar granola bars. Instead, stop by a grocery store (again, google along your route) for portable veggie cups and fresh fruit.

#3. Entertain Yourself.

Often, the urge to snack arises out of boredom. Food is an easy and entertaining way to fill long hours in the car. Unfortunately, this comes with unwanted weight gain that leaves you feeling worse after your vacation, rather than better.

Create a plan for road trip entertainment, whether that’s car games (trivia, etc), a new road trip playlist, or catching up on the phone with a friend you haven’t talked to in a while.

#4. Choose Your Hotel Wisely.

Choose a hotel that offers a free continental breakfast, which typically offers fresh fruit, yogurt, and eggs. Grab an extra apple or banana for a snack on the road and skip the DIY waffle bar and sugary cereals.

#5. Go with Gum.

If all else fails and you find yourself with the urge to snack, stock up on sugar free gum: this provides you with the flavor you’re craving, with zero Calories or sugar. By the time you arrive at your destination, you’ll have sated your cravings and emerged victorious.

Morgan Medeiros is a certified nutritionist, holding a both a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition. Morgan completed her undergraduate education at Central Washington University, and her graduate education at Northeastern University. During her time as a graduate student, Morgan focused her area of expertise in health education, weight management, and behavioral change. Morgan has experience working in areas of nutritional neuroscience and disease prevention, obesity prevention, and weight loss. Morgan also works in areas of nutritional analysis and menu labeling for restaurants, where she is able to creatively bridge her interest in food culture and health education. In her free time, Morgan enjoys traveling, reading, writing, running, and spending time with her family and friends (including- most importantly- her dog, Clyde).

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