What is ShareFit?

ShareFit℠ is a health support website that EVERYONE should use. ShareFit makes getting healthier and staying healthier not only simpler, but more fun too. Get the answers to all of your fitness questions when you visit Sharefit.

How does it work?

ShareFit℠ is a special place where people can find the information, help and motivation they need to live healthier lives. In less than five minutes you can have your personal profile page set up and start sharing it with all the people who matter to you in your life, who can then begin giving you encouragement during your journey.

Not only is ShareFit an amazing way to join a community of people with similar goals, but it also offers a full range of custom health tools designed to assist you. These tools include

  • calorie trackers and fitness trackers so you can keep track of daily calories,
  • a video library full of fitness videos for all levels,
  • healthy diet plans and recipes for a whole variety of diets, including low-calorie, gluten-free, dairy-free and more,
  • new health articles added every day that are fun to read and easy to understand

Is ShareFit just for people who want to lose weight?

We at ShareFit℠ believe that everyone can live healthier and happier no matter what their weight is. This is why we have made health our focus, not just weight loss. Join now and in just a few minutes you will be blown away by how ShareFit can help you live a longer, happier life. It is the answer to all of your fitness questions.

Who’s behind ShareFit?

The concepts and the funding of this site both come from the proud owners of Intechra Health Inc., who strongly believe in making a significant and lasting contribution to people who want to improve themselves.

Intechra Health Inc. is a made-in-the-USA dietary supplement company that is committed to manufacturing and selling the best quality dietary supplements and combining these with the exceptional customer service, support and assistance we have become known for. You can read more about Intechra Health or watch our official video to learn more about us.

Does it cost money to join ShareFit?

It is completely free to set up your profile, start sharing with your friends, connect with the community, use our custom trackers and start building up your ShareFit points. All of this is free because we truly want EVERYONE to be able to access these support tools and start taking an interest in their health. We answer your fitness questions without asking for anything in return.

What are ShareFit Shares, how do I earn them and what are they used for?

ShareFit℠ Shares is our little reward system for your awesome efforts to bring health into your life. All members can earn shares in many ways, such as logging in and updating their profile, leaving encouraging messages for other members and for using the diet and fitness trackers.

Now here’s what you can use your ShareFit shares for…

  • Use your shares just like currency and treat yourself. Browse the ShareFit Friends Store and spend away cause you’ve earned it. (This feature is Coming Soon!)
  • Turn your shares into real dollars and apply them towards a paid membership that will give you access to all the support tools that ShareFit has to offer. (This feature is Coming Soon!)

Now here’s what we do with every ShareFit share earned by our members…

  • We believe that living healthier not only means making changes to ourselves, but also having a positive impact on the earth and the people who share it with us. With this at the core of what we believe, ShareFit will donate 1¢ for every share our members earn each month to one of our favorite charities. We encourage everyone to learn more about the charities we support because it is your efforts that make it possible.

Can I keep my ShareFit profile private?

While you can choose not to share your profile on Facebook and other social media, a link to your ShareFit profile will be available online. Anyone wishing to view your ShareFit profile, however, must be a registered member of ShareFit.com.