Brainlessly Simple Summer Dessert Swaps at Your Favorite Restaurants
Morgan Medeiros MSc
June 15, 2018

Summer Dessert SwapsSoda aside, it’s a little surprising just how much sugar can lurk in many popular restaurant items. It’s why we desperately need these nutritionist summer dessert swaps.

Sure, we know that a Blizzard isn’t exactly the pinnacle of health and wellness, but three days’ worth of sugar?! For a small?!

While the occasional treat is completely acceptable and even encouraged in the context of moderation, keep an eye on the amount of sugar you’re consuming in your day to day life: 25g is the maximum recommendation for added sugar, and most of us consume far more- a whopping 82g!

These super doable simple summer dessert swaps make reducing calorie and sugar consumption a little easier as temperatures climb!

Dairy Queen

Skip It: Dairy Queen Strawberry Cheesecake Blizzard- 750 Calories, 3.12 days’ worth added sugar.

Pick It: Small Vanilla Cone- 230 Calories, 1.04 days’ worth added sugar.


Skip It: Frosted Lemonade- 330 Calories, 2.52 days’ worth added sugar.

Pick It: Ice Dream Cone- 170 Calories, 1 day’s worth added sugar.


Skip It: Small Frosty- 330 Calories, 1.88 days’ worth added sugar.

Pick It: Kid’s Frosty- 200 Calories, 1.08 days’ worth added sugar.


Skip It: Small Chocolate Shake- 690 Calories, 2.48 days’ worth added sugar.

Pick It: Vanilla Waffle Cone- 380 Calories, 1.12 days’ worth added sugar.

Red Robin:

Skip It: Freckled Lemonade- 150 Calories, 1.48 days’ worth added sugar.

Pick It: Fresh Brewed Iced Tea- 0 Calories, 0 Sugar.


Skip It: Medium Slurpee- 200 Calories, 2.08 days’ worth added sugar.

Pick It: Small Slurpee- 100 Calories, 1.04 days’ worth added sugar.

Morgan Medeiros is a certified nutritionist, holding a both a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition. Morgan completed her undergraduate education at Central Washington University, and her graduate education at Northeastern University. During her time as a graduate student, Morgan focused her area of expertise in health education, weight management, and behavioral change. Morgan has experience working in areas of nutritional neuroscience and disease prevention, obesity prevention, and weight loss. Morgan also works in areas of nutritional analysis and menu labeling for restaurants, where she is able to creatively bridge her interest in food culture and health education. In her free time, Morgan enjoys traveling, reading, writing, running, and spending time with her family and friends (including- most importantly- her dog, Clyde).

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