State Fair Dessert Calories – Get the Lowdown on These Tempting Treats
September 27, 2020

Fair Dessert Calories and nutrition

Is there really any surprise in the fact that state fair dessert calories can be sky high?  Probably not.  Does anyone really believe that a deep-fried chocolate bar is going to be anything but a bomb of fat, sugar and overwhelming caloric content?

State Fair Dessert Calories Don’t Mean You Have to Skip Everything

Just because most state fair dessert calories are high, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have anything at all if you go.  Instead, it just means that you need to be strategic about your choices.  Should you go for that batter-coated Snickers bar? Probably not.  But if you can split it among everyone in your group so you each get a taste and still have calories to spare that day.

Not sure which state fair dessert calories mean you get one bite and which ones will allow you a reasonable portion? Check out the following common caloric traps as well as some surprising options you wouldn’t have expected to be possible when you’re trying to be reasonable about your nutrition.

Getting to Know State Fair Dessert Calories

Have a look at these state fair dessert calories and whether they’re worth eating more than a single bite.

Funnel Cake – 760 calories (or more!)

Funnel cake is likely one of the easiest state fair dessert calories to guess as being high.  While delicious, it’s essentially nutrient-free and unbelievably overpriced when you discover what’s actually in it.  In essence, a funnel cake is batter, deep fried and then sprinkled with sugar.  So, you’re paying at least $8 for flour, oil and sugar! Unless you’re planning to split that treat with five of your friends, it’s best to give this one a pass.

Kettle Corn – 170 calories (per cup!)

Kettle corn seems like it should be innocent, right? After all, many diets actually recommend popcorn as a snack because it’s very low-cal but high in fiber.  The issue with what you’re eating when you eat kettle corn at the fair is that you’re not getting the plain air-popped variety your nutritionist would have recommended. Instead, they’re popped in oil and are typically doused with butter, margarine or other toppings such as caramel. One cup of popcorn is a tiny amount. Even if you order the smallest bag, you’re likely going to end up eating closer to 500-600 calories.

Saltwater Taffy – 160 calories (for 7 pieces!)

Saltwater taffy is a nostalgic treat for many of us.  Fortunately, you can also pretty much eat your fill of it without breaking the 200-calorie mark.  For 7 pieces, the state fair dessert calories this one dishes out is only around 160.  Moreover, with the length of time it takes you to chew your way through 7 pieces (if you even eat that many!), you’ll definitely be satisfied.  If you’re looking for a sweet treat to eat while you’re there or when you get home, this is a surprising top option.

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