We encourage you to share your ShareFit success stories with us.  Hearing about your success is inspirational and we are happy to know that you are using our carefully designed features, tools, and resources to be able to turn your life in a healthier direction.

These Sharefit success stories can also be helpful to other ShareFit members who are just getting started because they provide motivation and proof that they will soon be in the same position to celebrate!  Send in your own story and let others know how you have brought greater health, wellness, and weight management into your life. Come back often to be inspired by the latest Sharefit success stories.

Josh’s ShareFit Success Story

Josh Sharefit Success Story“I knew for a long time that I should do something about my weight, but I love food and I hated exercise.  It wasn’t until my doctor actually called me the “poster boy for an unhealthy lifestyle” that I realized that I had to do something.  I am in my thirties and I was going to have to go on cholesterol prescriptions and even my blood pressure was high.  My dad is in better shape than that! I knew that I didn’t want to go on a diet that was just for weight loss like you see in tv commercials. I need it to stick, not just drop the weight so it will come right back. So I joined ShareFit with my brother and we used the meal planning tools to figure out what we were doing wrong with what we were eating (pretty much everything) and found out how to fix it without hating what we eat. I wasn’t about to give up on the good stuff to eat carrots all day.  For me, there was a pretty hefty learning curve, so it was a gradual transition, but it was easier than I thought it would be. I think it’s because ShareFit doesn’t tell you that there are foods you’re not allowed.  You just get to know foods and when to eat them and how much.  Also, the videos didn’t make me feel like a fat slob.  I could exercise and be challenged without that feeling like I’ve never used my body before and like I’ll never stop sweating. They really got me started and now my brother and I meet up and jog every day.  I’ve lost 22 pounds and he’s lost 17. I can see me doing this for life.” – Josh S. from Gastonia, NC.

Sharly’s ShareFit Success Story

Sharly Sharefit Testimonials“I had a real scare in 2013 when my physical exam showed that I had very high blood pressure.  I just about freaked.  It had been high the year before, but it got a lot higher.  I had to go on two kinds of BP pills every day.  I wasn’t even obese. I always thought that only old people and obese people got high bp. My BMI was 26.7, which is only slightly overweight.  My doctor said that I really needed to get my health in check because I didn’t really exercise at all and I was eating fatty and high sodium fast food too much for my lunches.  I work in a call center and I ate in a food court a lot because it was easy.  I really didn’t know where to start and I hate the gym, so I found ShareFit through a search on Google.  I have worked very hard to turn things around and I give SO much credit to the help I got through the nutritionist.  Between help with meals (especially lunches – which I now bring, myself) and exercising every day except Sunday, I’ve had a gradual weight loss so I’m now at a BMI of 25.1 and my BP prescription was cut almost in half!  I had no idea how big a difference small changes could make.  My goal is to get off the pills by the end of the year because I’ll have a much healthier body.  THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!” –  Sharly.

Kanisha’s ShareFit Success Story

Kanisha Sharefit Success“I have been fat my whole life.  I hit puberty and while all my friends were skinny, I just got rounder and never changed.  I came to think that’s just how I was.  I have always hated the way I look.  I get stared at and I was bullied in school.  I have done the cabbage soup diet, the grapefruit diet, the avocado diet, and pretty much everything else that promises that you’ll lose weight fast.  I always start off great but it always comes back.  Sometimes I would cry I hated myself so much.  I think I was depressed.  But I feel like ShareFit saved my life.  It changed it, definitely.  As of this past Saturday, I’ve lost 68 pounds.  I just finished donating every single one of my last year’s summer clothes to charity.  I didn’t keep one single thing cuz it was all too huge. This is the first summer that I’m not shopping in a plus size store. This program is a blessing.  The community here is a gift.  The tools are a miracle.  I’m a new me and I’m proud for the first time ever.” – Kanisha C. from California.