Best Summer Hydration Options that Aren’t Plain Water
Morgan Medeiros MSc
August 2, 2018

summer hydration water alternativesHydration is paramount to human health: even moderate dehydration can cause fatigue, lethargy, poor physical and mental performance, and poor mood. Every cell in your body depends on water for optimal function.

Although water is the best source of hydration, making the swap from high calorie, high sugar beverages to plain H2O can be a little difficult.

While you should always start with plain water, adding additional beverages throughout the day can help keep you off the calorie and sugar train while maintaining adequate fluid balance.

We’ve got some great solutions to help you stay happy, healthy, and hydrated this summer.

Sparkling Water

Whether you enjoy unsweetened, flavored sparkling water (La Croix, etc), or more traditional, plain iterations (Perrier, Pellegrino, etc), summer is a great time to adopt a sparkling water habit.

Carbonation makes drinks feel colder than they actually are, helping you soothe your thirst when temperatures climb high. While base flavors provide an initial hit of flavor, consider shaking things up by adding an unexpected twist: pair a lemon beverage with muddled mint leaves, or toss some basil leaves in an icy raspberry-tinged drink.

Iced Tea

While sweet tea is never a good option (thanks to its high calorie and sugar content) plain iced tea is incredibly nutritious thanks to its high antioxidant content.

Virtually any tea can be made iced, with green, black, white, and herbal varieties all offering different flavor notes. Spruce up your tea with a squeeze of lemon, fresh herbs, or a small amount of artificial sweetener, if desired.

Zero Calorie Electrolyte Replacements

If you would typically consume a standard, full sugar electrolyte replacement beverage (such as Gatorade or Powerade), select a zero calories alternative.

Non caloric electrolyte replacement beverages (such as Powerade Zero) offer the same beneficial electrolyte replacement with none of the calories or sugar of the traditional versions.

Morgan Medeiros is a certified nutritionist, holding a both a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition. Morgan completed her undergraduate education at Central Washington University, and her graduate education at Northeastern University. During her time as a graduate student, Morgan focused her area of expertise in health education, weight management, and behavioral change. Morgan has experience working in areas of nutritional neuroscience and disease prevention, obesity prevention, and weight loss. Morgan also works in areas of nutritional analysis and menu labeling for restaurants, where she is able to creatively bridge her interest in food culture and health education. In her free time, Morgan enjoys traveling, reading, writing, running, and spending time with her family and friends (including- most importantly- her dog, Clyde).

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