Tracking and recording your nutrition and fitness are central to being able to access a number of health and weight loss benefits.  A study in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine from 2008 showed that by maintaining a “food diary”, you can double the effectiveness of your efforts to lose weight. You significantly increase your odds of success with nutrition and fitness tracking.

Of course, keeping a diary may seem interesting and simple, at first, but recording everything that you eat and everything that you do, making all of the calculations in terms of calories in and calories burned, and simply keeping on top of it can start to be monotonous after a while unless you use the right tools.  That’s where ShareFit comes in…

How can YOU benefit from ShareFit tracking and recording?

Aside from recording your weight from one week to the next, ShareFit’s tracking tools help you in two separate parts of your healthy lifestyle: nutrition and fitness. Nutrition and fitness tracking has never been easier!


Nutrition tracking helps you to gain a much better understanding of what you eat and how it impacts your body.  You will be able to better understand the areas in which you are making the right choices as well as the spots where you still have some work to do.  It can also help you to discover that some of the choices you had been making aren’t contributing to your diet in the way that you had previously believed.

Recording everything that you eat has never been easier than it is with your free tracking tool, so you won’t find yourself giving up on the process.  It’s too simple and convenient and the benefits are too helpful for you to give up on it!  So you’ll not only find that you have a better understanding of how each of the foods you eat are affecting your nutrition, but you’ll also be able to discover ways to change for the better – and then you’ll be able to observe the progress that you make in that improved direction!


Fitness tracking lets you see how your activity level helps you to promote better cardiovascular health, achieve greater strength and flexibility, burn off extra calories and fat, lose or maintain weight – depending on your goal – and simply feel great, overall.

It will help you to make sure that you’re not only keeping up with regular cardio workouts – whether it’s a brisk daily walk, cycling, swimming, or that favorite ShareFit fitness video that gets your heart pumping – but that you’re keeping up with your strength training exercises, as well. This helps you to make sure that if you’re losing weight, you’re not burning muscle as you go, and that you’re preventing certain chronic problems such as osteoporosis, which can occur later in life.

Tracking is motivation!

Of course, tracking isn’t just a matter of understanding your habits and measuring your progress.  That may be an important part of it, but another major advantage to recording your efforts is in the motivation that it brings!

Just like tracking the amount of weight that you lose can help you to understand your progress and push you to do better than you had in previous weeks, so can tracking your nutrition and fitness!  You’ll be able to bring out your sense of pride and of competition to ensure that you keep up with your weekly goals, and that you strive to do better over time.

Unless you know how you’ve been doing, you won’t be able to alter your short term goals accordingly.  Take advantage of the various ShareFit trackers and you’ll find that you are your own primary source of understanding and motivation for a long term healthy lifestyle that you will love and that will continually make you feel good about yourself. Nutrition and fitness tracking gives you the power to succeed.

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