Aromatherapy for Fitness
November 16, 2020

When you’re tossing your essentials into your gym bag, essential oils for aromatherapy for fitness may not exactly be the first thing you add. Sure, you’ve got your shoes, deodorant, the best diet pills to increase energy levels, and your water bottle, but a workout scent? You may be surprised, but trainers and serious athletes have started taking scents more seriously for making workouts more pleasant and for improving the potential for great results.

What Essential Oils Are Used in Aromatherapy for Fitness?

Using essential oils to enhance aromatherapy for fitness can help to reduce tension, improve your mood and motivation, and raise your energy levels.  These are all critical factors to getting the most out of each workout.  The following are some of the scents that have undergone the most research and are most commonly used.

Ginger (a complement to natural diet pills to increase energy levels)

Rubbing a little bit of fresh ginger or ginger oil onto your pressure points can help to provide helpful energy to power up your workout. This aromatherapy for fitness can also work to decrease fatigue, lethargy, anxiety and stress.  It is warming and supports the cellular energy, too.  So, if you’re hoping to get through a great fat burning workout, this is a fantastic option for you.

Ylang-Ylang (getting to the heart of the matter)

This essential oil in aromatherapy for fitness is used to help improve circulation and control blood pressure through overall circulatory system support.  Since your heart is one of the most important players in every physical activity you do, this essential oil’s application before a workout could help to keep you going strong and feeling supported throughout your gym session.

Bergamot (keeping things clean and pain-free)

When this sweet, citrusy aromatherapy for fitness is applied, bergamot has two important benefits to provide.  The first is that when it is applied to the skin as a part of a topical formula, it can help to reduce nerve sensitivity and, therefore, pain.  When it is an ingredient in deodorant, its antibacterial and disinfectant qualities can help to keep body odor-causing bacteria out of the way. A few drops added to some water in a spray bottle can provide a great air freshener to spritz and can help to boost the effectiveness of your equipment cleaning, too!

By using these scents to enhance your routine, and calming aromatherapy for fitness, such as lavender, after the fact, you can help to make your workouts more pleasant and more effective overall.

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