It’s Not a Race: Pt II- Daily Weight Loss Challenges 
Weight Loss
Morgan Medeiros MSc
February 12, 2018

Daily Weight Loss Challenges Slow creep on the scale got you internally screaming regarding those daily weight loss challenges? If so, it’s likely that you’re here from Part I of our four part “It’s Not a Race” series. In this series, we’re helping you break free of the angst, depression, and outright frustration that can occur when the scale seems to move at a snail’s pace.

Today’s tactic? Daily weight loss challenges and victories! When you’re accustomed to measuring success by lbs lost on the scale, slow progress can be demoralizing, to say the least. It feels like you’re failing, day after day, when the scale fails to register the amount of work you’re putting in in the kitchen, in the gym, or both.

Remember: if you’re eating the right number of Calories to reach and maintain your goal weight and weight it still coming off (albeit slowly)- stay the course! As you move closer towards your goal weight, weight loss will slow naturally, as the Caloric deficit you’re creating grows smaller and smaller. The frustration that occurs during this time is a natural part of the daily weight loss challenges faced in this process of becoming a thinner version of yourself.

Dealing with the frustration of daily weight loss challenges ultimately comes down to countering your perception that your slow losses are in some way a fault or failure; if your journey has been buoyed along by the ecstatic feeling that accompanies a drop on the scale, it’s important to find a secondary victory to measure and revel in while the scale catches up.

Daily Weight Loss Challenges

Weight loss and maintenance is a lifelong process. When you’re trying to change your life, there’s only so much you can handle on your plate at any one time, so to speak. Even if you’ve succeeded in changing your diet and/or exercise habits enough to precipitate a large loss on the scale, it’s likely that there were secondary goals you might have had that didn’t end up happening on your way to your current weight.

Oftentimes, we start out on a journey thinking that we’ll reach our goal one way, when the way that we actually “travel”, so to speak, is much different.

For example, at the beginning of your weight loss journey, you might have imagined yourself cooking at home five nights a week. Subsequently, you might have discovered that cooking five nights a week was too time consuming or overwhelming, and sacrificed your Julia Child-esque visions in favor of premade, Calorically portioned meals. Daily weight loss challenges like this are overcome, but not the way you may have expected from the start.

Given that your losses have begun to deteriorate and you’re now accustomed to what it takes to keep the weight off, introducing a secondary goal that was too overwhelming at first (ie, the cooking) will give you a new daily challenge that the weight loss once provided. Just like with weight loss, it’s important that you don’t take on too much all at once.

If cooking at home is a goal, for example, it’s likely too overwhelming to commit to lengthy or complicated recipes, or to cooking at home every single night (especially if you’re accustomed to convenience foods and/or restaurant meals most nights of the week). Instead, commit to 1-2 days a week where the new, secondary goals become your challenge, and let the process itself (the action of doing) be your goal and subsequent feeling of accomplishment.

Not sure what good daily weight loss challenges look like for you?

Think of something that is related to your weight loss journey that you either planned on doing at the beginning, or have since developed an interest in but not had the time or energy for. Common secondary goals include cooking, fitness pursuits, and activities related to stress management.

Process Goals and Daily Challenges

  • Cooking at home 1-2 nights a week
  • Trying a new recipe each week
  • Experimenting with different proteins and flavors
  • Adding a nightly walk after dinner
  • Taking a weekly yoga class
  • Learning to meditate
  • Journaling

Be sure to check out the third part of the It’s Not a Race! series for weight loss tools you can count on for consistency. For additional weight management support, turn to one of the diet pills at Intechra Health. They are scientifically formulated to banish energy and support your ability to overcome any diet and exercise challenges.

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