Biggest Weight Loss Mistakes Beginners Make
Weight Loss
November 25, 2019

weight loss mistakes

Losing weight may seem like something that is relatively straightforward to accomplish, but as anyone who has tried to do it will tell you, there is much more to it than meets the eye and weight loss mistakes will happen. It is an involved process that should require positive changes in lifestyle that include eating a nutritious, portion-controlled diet and incorporating fitness appropriate regular exercise into every day.

However, it can be a little bit more complex than just “eat less and exercise more,” and that is why a lot of people make various weight loss mistakes that hold them back. In fact, there wouldn’t be such a large market in diet programs, products, and pills to help people who are struggling to shed the excess weight if all it took was eating less and exercising more.

Some of the biggest problems stopping people from losing weight come from weight loss mistakes that are made by beginners, and that can throw things off right from the very start. These weight loss mistakes can not only stop weight loss from happening, but they can actually lead to weight gain and kick the pins out of any remaining motivation to try.

Consider the following rookie weight loss mistakes and make sure that you won’t fall victim to them in your own weight loss efforts:

Overestimating the impact of your workout

When you’ve driven yourself as hard as you can and your clothes are soaked in sweat, despite the fact that you’ve only walked half a mile, or when you’ve powered through a workout on a machine that tracks your calories, it can be easy to believe that you are tracking far more calories than you actually are. A recent study showed that the average gym machine overestimates burned calories by 42 percent.

Overcome the mistake of trusting calorie trackers by timing yourself, instead. To be able to achieve the best fat burning rewards, you need to exercise at a high intensity for at least 12 minutes of your workout. Though most people can’t keep going at full-tilt for 12 minutes, using interval training (where you vary the intensity of your workout) can give you a cumulative minimum of 12 minutes while making it possible to keep going.

Underestimating how much food you eat

The majority of people think that they’re eating far less than they actually do. The average meal size is far larger, today, than it was a decade or two ago, and even then it was far larger than it was a decade or two before that.

Use a food tracker as you get started with your weight loss strategy and use measuring cups and scales to truly understand how much food you are eating. You won’t need to do this forever, but for the first few weeks, at least, this can help you to avoid accidentally overeating.

Backing down sports drinks

Unless you are spending more than an hour every day at a high intensity activity, then your body does not need to replace its electrolytes through anything above and beyond regular food consumption. By using sports drinks, you’re just chugging salt and calories.

The average healthy workout requires only water for hydration, so fill up on that, instead. It doesn’t contain any calories and it’s a lot cheaper!

Leaving out the cool-down

Appropriate stretching before a workout can help to ready to the body for the upcoming activity, but all too many people finish their workout and drop into a chair or simply hit the showers and stop.

Research shows that a little bit of cool-down stretching can go a long way to avoid injury and boost fat burning results yet failing to cool down is one of the common weight loss mistakes made.

Thinking that fast diet pills alone will make you lose weight 

There are a lot of different fast diet pills or diet pills that work fast on the market today, all claiming that they can be the main solution to your weight loss woes. Unfortunately, relying solely upon these pills is one of the weight loss mistakes to avoid.

Like any other diet pill, if you are going to take a fast-acting diet pill, you still need to work hard at exercising regularly and eating right daily. Fast diet pills that contain high-quality ingredients can support your efforts by doing things like giving you a boost of energy and focus, but they are not the only solution that you should look towards when you need to slim down. A combination of efforts will be necessary.

Another reason to start exercising and eating right, even while taking fast diet pills: these habits will become a part of your lifestyle, so when you stop taking the pills, you will be able to maintain your weight loss. Score!

Avoid Common Weight Loss Mistakes to Achieve Great Results! 

Armed with more knowledge about the most common weight loss mistakes that people make, you’re now even more prepared to shed those excess pounds with greater ease and speed.


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