July Fourth Fanciful Feasting: Healthy Grilling Recipes
Morgan Medeiros MSc
July 4, 2015

healthy july fourth recipesHotdogs, burgers, and buns, oh my!

We love us some barbecue here in the states, and why wouldn’t we?

While traditions in grilling, smoking, and barbecuing meat undoubtedly go back long before patriots fought for independence from ol’ England (heck, grilling over an open flame was the first cooking method, period), Americans have come a long way in creating our own grilling traditions ever since.

Incorporating unique flavors and borrowing dishes from other countries (frankfurters and hamburgers, anyone?), the United States has triumphed in creating its own unique perspective on grilled and barbecued meats.

The originals can’t be touched, but there’s always room for some new additions to the barbecue table.

We’ve rounded up fresh serving ideas for a few unsung heroes that don’t get enough billing in traditional barbecue recipes: chicken, shrimp, and salmon.

Consider these state-inspired recipes a welcome addition to any Fourth of July barbecue, but if you decide to stick with the old faithfuls come stars and stripes weekend, that’s ok, we totally get it.

After all, you’ve got the whole summer ahead of you! Let’s stretch out grilling season as long as we can!

Bon appetit, and have a star-studded Independence Day, y’all!

Healthy Grilling Recipes Inspired by the Great State of…Hawaii.

  • Hula Chicken Sandwiches. Grill chicken, shred, toss together with low sugar Teriyaki sauce. Serve crowned with pineapple ring on small burger buns, alongside vegetable side.
  • Surf’s Up Shrimp Tacos. Grill shrimp, red bell pepper strips, mushrooms, and corn tortillas. Serve veggies and shrimp in tortillas with shredded iceberg, pineapple salsa, and hot sauce.
  • Fusion Salmon Salad. Grill salmon, serve atop a bed of crisp romaine, snap peas, red bell pepper, diced mango, and sliced almonds. Dress with light sesame vinaigrette.

Healthy Grilling Recipes Inspired by the Great State of…California.

  • Chicken Cobb Kabobs. Skewer and grill chicken, tomatoes, and red onion. Assemble “fresh skewer” (not grilled) of avocado, cucumber, and whole black olives. Serve both skewers atop bed of fresh chopped romaine, tossed with light blue cheese vinaigrette.
  • Napa Valley Shrimp Bites. Grill shrimp. In meantime, thinly slice cucumber into circles, topping with sliced avocado and red pepper hummus or goat cheese and sundried tomato hummus. Top cucumber slices with shrimp and serve as small side, snacks, or appetizers.
  • Green Goddess Salmon Sliders. Grill salmon, serve atop 1 slice toasted rustic whole grain or seeded bread, topped with avocado, sprouts, mixed greens, and light grilled goddess dressing.

Morgan Medeiros is a certified nutritionist, holding a both a Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Clinical Nutrition. Morgan completed her undergraduate education at Central Washington University, and her graduate education at Northeastern University. During her time as a graduate student, Morgan focused her area of expertise in health education, weight management, and behavioral change. Morgan has experience working in areas of nutritional neuroscience and disease prevention, obesity prevention, and weight loss. Morgan also works in areas of nutritional analysis and menu labeling for restaurants, where she is able to creatively bridge her interest in food culture and health education. In her free time, Morgan enjoys traveling, reading, writing, running, and spending time with her family and friends (including- most importantly- her dog, Clyde).

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