Three Dangerous Exercises That You Should Avoid Doing
August 31, 2020

Dangerous Exercises to avoid

Working out is good for you, as long as you do it right. Using gym equipment correctly and making sure you use the proper form for every movement, is key. Beyond that, however, there are some exercises that are considered too dangerous to even try doing.

According to CNN, there are many exercises that can result in injuries. But, we have narrowed them down to three dangerous exercises that are best avoided. Check out the three dangerous exercises below and consider skipping them so you can avoid the risk of injury that comes with them.

1.    Bench Dips

Bench dips are one of the three dangerous exercises we recommend skipping because they’re an easy way to create problems in the shoulder joint, the ligaments, and the muscles, increasing the risk of injury and pain. That’s because your body is set up in a way that projects it out and away from the shoulder joint. At the same time, your weight ends up pressing down and backwards, putting the shoulder joint into a compromised position.

If you don’t know how to perform a bench dip perfectly, you’ll likely raise the risk of hurting your rotator cuff muscles and deltoids. So, if you really insist on doing this exercise, use an assisted dip machine. Or you can try parallel bars. These options can help put your body into the right alignment, as well as shift the weight so it’s beneath you.

2.    Roman Chair

Also known as the hyperextension machine, you might think to take this path if you want to work on your back and abs. But you should avoid the Roman chair because it may increase your risk of a herniated disk. Ouch!

Here’s the harsh truth: most people who go to the gym simply don’t have the strength, or the ability, to keep their body in a straight line when they are exercising on this machine. Rather, they end up moving from a curved, downward position to a hyperextended, upward position. Not good at all.

Bottom line: we consider this one of the top three dangerous exercises because it can lead to back injuries. Also, back pain and injury can take a very long time to resolve, and it can be severe. So, it’s best to find other ways to work on these muscle groups.

3.     Leg Extensions

Another popular machine at the gym is the leg extension machine, but smart trainers consider this yet another one of the three dangerous exercises to avoid. Why? Because this machine increases the risk of knee pain and injury.

Here’s the thing: when you force your quadriceps to push weight in a kicking movement, that puts the knees at a greater risk of excess wear and tear. You’re basically bearing an unnatural amount of weight in an unnatural motion. Better exercises for the quads include various squats and the leg press machine.

Stay Safe at the Gym!

By knowing which exercises to avoid because they raise your risk of getting hurt, you can make the most of your time at the gym, so you can work on strengthening your muscles and losing weight.


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