Finding Time for a Workout Over the Holidays
December 3, 2021

Finding Time for a Workout During the Holidays

With a to-do list that includes buying and wrapping gifts for everyone, decorating a tree and your home (inside and out), baking, cooking feasts, not to mention keeping up with your everyday life, finding time for a workout can seem out of the question.  However, you may be surprised to hear that exercise when you’re this busy and stressed is even more important than it usually would be.

The Importance of Finding Time for a Workout

Even with a packed schedule, finding time for a workout can actually make it feel easier to keep on top of all your obligations and to get through the season with some actual enjoyment, not just enduring “survival mode” the entire time.  Exercise provides both your body and mind with essential stress relief and endorphins, which you desperately need at this time of the year.

You may discover that the less you focus on finding time for a workout during the holidays, the more tired you’ll feel and more stressed to boot.  This isn’t how you want to feel when your goal is to experience joy and cheer and to bask in the love and company of family and friends.

How to Find Time for a Workout This Holiday Season

The best technique for finding time for a workout during the holidays is to make time. Add it to your schedule every day and prioritize it. If you believe you can’t squeak it into your schedule in its current form, practice a healthy bedtime routine, go to bed at the same time every night and at a reasonable hour, and get up just a little bit early. Do your workout right away, whether it’s yoga, going for a run, or even just walking first thing in the morning before the neighborhood comes alive.

You’ll quickly discover that even fifteen minutes of activity wakes you up in the morning, fills you with energy, and gets some of your fitness needs done even before the rest of your schedule begins.

Tips to Make It Happen

Not a morning person (yet)? Here are some great tips to make sure that even you will get that workout into your life first thing in the morning.

  1. Prep your morning the night before – Use the evening before to select your workout clothes and work clothes (including jewelry and shoes). Have your workout playlist ready and your phone charged. Prep your breakfast or, if it’s already pretty quick to make, decide on what you’ll have so it’s one fewer less in the morning. Set up your coffee maker so you just have to turn it on in the morning. This practice alone will make finding time for a workout easier because you’ll have done some tasks in advance.
  2. Split your breakfast – Since you’re doing your workout right away, the last thing you’ll want is to begin on an empty stomach. Have part of your breakfast right away but keep it light. Eat a piece of fruit, for instance. Turn on the coffee pot. Get that workout going while you wait for the coffee to brew.  Once you’re done your workout, you can have the rest of your breakfast – filling that post-workout hunger – and grab that coffee! Overnight oats or yogurt are fantastic for the second half of your breakfast. Top with blueberries and some seeds or nuts, and you’ll have a well-rounded meal!
  3. Write to-do lists – End your days by writing to-do lists. This will help to prevent you from staying up too late in a desperate attempt to finish everything that day. Stick to a bedtime and waking time. Your to-do list will ease your mind and help you to sleep. By being organized, when you wake up in the morning and exercise, you’ll be able to use that extra energy to pour yourself into completing lots of the tasks on your to-do lists. Your stress level will automatically reduce.

Final Thoughts

Finding time for a workout during the holidays can certainly feel more complicated, but as you can see, it’s far from impossible. Adopt these habits throughout December, and you’ll be ready to keep them up with the start of the new year!

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