Fun Summer Activities to Get Active and Have a Great Time
June 21, 2021

fun summer activities

Fun summer activities were absolutely obvious to us when we were kids.  Whether we were leaping into a pool or lake or pedaling around the block on our bikes to visit friends, we were constantly active on those free days when we weren’t in school.  Then, we grew up…

Fun Summer Activities for Adults

Somehow, as we get older, fun summer activities become decreasingly active. We trade our time on the swing for time on a lounge chair on a deck.  Instead of swimming, we float on an inflatable raft with a beverage holder. Bicycling has turned into an air-conditioned drive to the corner store.

Believe it or not, it isn’t impossible to enjoy fun summer activities as an adult that also include moving around.  This doesn’t mean that you need to run back to the swing set at the park (though you could, if you wanted to!).  However, there are still lots of things you can do that you enjoyed as a kid, or new things you can enjoy that you’d never tried before.

These are things you could – and should – be doing on a regular basis throughout the warmer seasons. Your body wants and needs you to be active, and fun summer activities make it easy to give your body just what it needs. After all, after we sit or stand all day at work, the last thing we need is to spend every other waking hour doing more sitting!

Lazy Fun Summer Activities Are Terrible for Your Health

American Cancer Society epidemiologists regularly do their best to remind us of the dangers of sitting disease.  Millions of adults across the country get less than 30 minutes of moderate-to-vigorous activity per day (total).  This increases the risk of early death by a terrifying 20 percent to 40 percent.

Fortunately, the alternative is enjoyable and readily available, too.  Fun summer activities can make physical activity a regular part of your life that you love to do. In fact, you might find yourself looking forward to it in a way you never expected to.

This doesn’t mean that you’ll suddenly become a gym rat when you haven’t really moved around in the last ten years. However, it could mean that throughout the warmer months of the year, you’ll have a blast doing something other than lounging.

Fun Summer Activities You Can Start Today

Check out these fun summer activities and start giving them a try. You’ll discover that you really do like some – if not all – of them. Choose to include them in your life on a regular basis. You’ll give your body a real gift while you find yourself with a smile on your face more often.

Walking (and Paying Attention)

Going for a walk sounds pretty boring, but it’s doesn’t have to be. For one thing, leave the slow stroll behind and go for a brisk walk. Walk to get the blood flowing, the air moving in and out of your lungs, and to soak up some daylight.  Go with someone or walk alone but pay attention. You can listen to some music if you’d like, but on occasion, give your senses the full experience. Actively notice what you’re hearing, smelling, feeling, seeing, or even tasting in the air (and that will help you to realize why you really should phase out those dryer sheets!).

Smell the freshly mown grass or the fresh smell of flowers and leaves. Look at all the beautiful things your neighbors have done to make their yards beautiful and special and let it inspire you to make your own creative choices at home. Feel the breeze on your skin and the sensation of the ground under your shoes. Listen to the birds, the branches moving in the wind, neighbors talking, and other sounds around you.

As you pass people, smile.  The more you do it, the more the other regulars (like you!) will become familiar, and you’ll find that you’re soon greeting members of your community, not just unknown faces.

Ride a Bike

Pick up a second-hand bike from a shop, make sure it’s good and tuned up, and pop a properly fitting helmet on your head (no matter your age).  Head out for a leisurely spin around the park or along that local biking trail as your newest addition to your fun summer activities list.  You an also use it as a mode of transportation.  Anything within a handful of miles is within easy distance when you’re on a bike.  Leave the car at home and pedal over to pick up some bread or milk at the store. It’s the perfect excuse to get a cute basket, too!

Jump in the Pool

Remember all the reasons swimming was your favorite of all fun summer activities when you were a kid? Those are all still relevant today!  Cooling off, feeling like you’re “flying” through the water, and moving around freely all feel just as fantastic now as they did when you were small.  Plus, the more you do it, the easier it gets, so you’ll feel your entire body getting fitter over the summer months.

You can do laps, of course, but there’s no rule that says you have to.  Play with a pool noodle! Swim down to the deep end to touch the bottom.  See how long you can tread water or hold your breath.  Jump in! Leave the inflatable raft off to the side for something to relax in as you dry off after your time in the water. Until then, bring back these fun summer activities and play to your heart’s content!

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