Use the Holiday Alphabet Workout to Stay Fit This Season
October 21, 2020

Holiday Alphabet Workout routine

As the weather starts to cool and we start to place our focus on gifts, sweets, and ugly themed sweaters, the holiday alphabet workout is a great way to avoid that fitness slide we typically face at this time of the year. It’s easy to skip those gym sessions when we have so much more on our plates (so to speak) as we head to parties and plan and prepare for our own celebrations.

It’s a Tough Time of Year to Stay Fit

Yes, it can be a difficult time of year to stay fit. It doesn’t make it any easier when we see tons of articles about how easy it is to keep up a workout routine amidst all our work responsibilities, errands, housekeeping, cooking, eating, heading to work parties, friend gatherings, and hosting our own events, not to mention shopping for, decorating for and celebrating the big day. At what point are we supposed to sleep, let alone get in a great exercise session?

It’s for this reason that the holiday alphabet workout can make a big difference in keeping up fitness levels or – dare we say – improve them, even at this time of the year. Believe it or not, it’s more important to keep physically active at this time than it is during most other seasons. The reason is that it can help you keep up your energy levels (yes, the right workouts give you energy), burn excess calories (and we’re sure into excess calories!), support mental health (when depression and anxiety symptoms are at all-time highs), and even help you to get better sleep.

What is the Holiday Alphabet Workout?

The holiday alphabet workout is a fun way to challenge yourself to a quick workout on a regular basis – aim for once per day – but with a theme that keeps up the festive spirit! All you need to do is choose a phrase from this season and then link up each letter from that phrase to the corresponding exercises on the list below.

For instance, if your phrase is “Merry Christmas” you’ll take each of those letters and do one of the exercises from the list that represents them.  Keep in mind that doubled letters means doing the exercise twice, but spaces give you a 30 second break.

Consider lots of different expressions from “Seasons Greetings” to “Happy Holidays” or if you’re feeling like blasting that bowl full of jelly, “Santa’s on his way!”

Use This Exercise List for Your Phrases

A: 3 push-ups
B: 30 Seconds high knees
C: 3 squats
D: 3 lunges
E: 30 seconds jumping jacks
F: 5 burpees
G: 30 seconds running in place
H: 20 scissor-kicks (abs)
I: 3 push-ups
J: 5 burpees
K: 20 scissor-kicks (abs)
L: 3 push-ups
M: 30 seconds running in place
N: 20 scissor-kicks (abs)
O: 3 squats
P: 5 burpees
Q: 3 push-ups
R: 30 seconds running in place
S: 5 v-ups (abs)
T: 20 scissor-kicks (abs)
U: 5 burpees
V: 5 v-ups (abs)
W: 3 push-ups
X: 3 squats
Y: 5 v-ups (abs)
Z: 20 scissor-kicks (abs)

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