A Diet You Can Stick To: The ShareFit Flex Plan
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February 22, 2020

diet you can stick to long term

When it comes to a diet you can stick to, flexibility is often key.  The problem with that is that there aren’t all that many dieting strategies that include flexibility in their programs.

This can seem to make sense.  After all, if you want to lose weight and change your eating habits, then you’ll need certain rigid rules to guide you in the right direction.  While that is true, the reality is that if you want a diet you can stick to, it’s going to need to have a bit of wiggle room.  The less flexible a dieting strategy is, the fewer the number of people who will be able to keep it up over the long-term.

The Reality of a Diet You Can Stick To

As humans, we need a balance between order and freedom.  Yes, we thrive when we have certain boundaries and regulations. At the same time, we need to be able to make our own choices.  We do need structure, but at the same time, we require the flexibility to make our lives our own. A diet you can stick to will keep that in consideration.

That’s just where the ShareFit Flex Plan comes into play.  This eating strategy allows you about 1,400 calories per day.  You’re provided with recommendations for simple, structured meals within that plan.  In addition, each day you’ll have a “free calorie” bank of 350 calories that you can use however you want. This means that as long as you keep up with the recommended calories for each of your meals, you can play with 350 additional calories such as a ton of raw veggies, a slice of pizza, or even a cupcake with lots of icing.

The ShareFit Flex Plan for the Long-Term

The ShareFit Flex Plan was specifically designed to be a diet you can stick to for life.  It’s one that will help you to build a great relationship with your food.  It will also allow you to develop the healthy lifestyle habits you need to keep up over the long-term to keep your weight under control for the rest of your life.  That way, you won’t be losing and gaining weight like a yo-yo.

Instead, you’ll learn how to naturally balance your calories throughout the day so you can always feel satisfied by your meals. You’ll also have the flexibility you need so that you don’t feel too restricted or held back. You’ll have the freedom to enjoy the things you truly love without losing all control and setting yourself backward.

Calorie Blocks

To make this strategy easier, your 1,400 daily calories total is divided into four 350 calorie blocks.  Each block represents one meal, plus your free calorie block for snacks or dessert to be used however you’d like.

Making Calorie Counting into a Diet You Dan Stick To

You may have tried counting calories in the past and are wondering why this is a diet you can stick to when others have failed.  The key to the ShareFit Flex Plan is in its blocks structure combined with the 350 free calories.  It allows you to be guided by the structure of the most tried-and-true weight loss strategies (calorie counting) without being overwhelmed or too penned in by it.

Counting calories doesn’t have to be a nightmare.  ShareFit has its own nutrition calculating feature and there are also lots of apps out there with massive databases and even barcode scanners that let you use your camera to scan a UPC code and automatically enter the foods you’ve eaten into your log.  Depending on your meal choices, you can easily enter a whole meal into your food diary within a minute.

Using this method also means that you can eat what you want, provided your portions are controlled enough to stay within your calorie block.  That means you no longer need to eat only egg whites, plain chicken breast and steamed vegetables. Sure, you can have them if you want, but you can keep a taste of your favorite recipes on your plate if you’d like.

Never Feeling Deprived

With a whole calorie block cordoned off for you to choose what you want to eat, you’ll never feel as though you’re deprived.  Deprivation is a motivation killer.  Since motivation is key to a diet you can stick to, the last thing you want to do is deplete it.  Instead, you can feel positive about using the ShareFit Flex Plan strategically for many great snacks, desserts or expanded meals.

You’ll never feel trapped when you use this strategy because whether you’re headed out to a business lunch or visiting family for a celebration, you’ll always have the flexibility of your extra calorie block to make sure you can have what’s on the menu. You’ll never fall back on the destructive “cheat day” habit. Instead, you’ll enjoy swappable, combinable blocks that will allow you to stay on track regardless of where you’re heading. Since it’s a simple block format, there isn’t much planning required.

This is a diet you can stick to, since it works with or without meal planning and gives you wiggle room even when your plans change at the last second.  If you’re someone who just doesn’t feel satisfied without a dessert at the end of the day, it’s all yours.  You’ll have all the flexibility you need to build habits you’ll keep over a lifetime.

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